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Eclipse Season and Travel News

   We’re almost into 2024!  Wow! Where did 2023 go? I wonder if this will be as wild a year as 2023 . . . eclipses, surprises, twelve months of “the unexpected” popping up in all directions. Yet also, many of us decided to do unusual fun things . . . like travel and connect […]


Joy In The Gap

        Has it really been four months since our my last newsletter?? OMG!!How has your summer been going? Has it been wild, fun, family filled, adventuring, and, sometimes, exhausting? I had a magical moment with family on our deck with a rainbow behind them.     That’s been my summer. I’ve been […]


Chunks of Life and Weather News

It’s been a while, so this letter is in CHUNKS of time, weather, and adventures. March 23,2023: For us in Colorado it’s been snow, then rain, then beautiful sunshine . . . then rain, snow, then another beautiful day. It’s called SPRINGTIME IN THE ROCKIES. I love it! Today is a beautiful day and my […]