Being Present Let Your Light Shine

Hello Dear Friends and Family,
For almost a month now, as our Astrologer had warned that Mercury and several other planets were “retrograde”, has anyone noticed that their lives have been a bit unpredictable and “upside down”? I sure have! From sudden, severe shoulder pain in one shoulder, to falling on ice, to amazing road trip to California with my daughter, Shawna, and back with old friend, Ryan, to an MRI that showed I have a cyst on a major cranial nerve, to . . . Robert announcing he has tickets for us for a Road Scholar’s tour of the Hawaiian Islands! Wow!
Well, now my life seems to have settled a bit. I feel like myself again, mostly. The pain is almost gone. My doctors and I are exploring further, that nerve cyst. The trip to California was wonderful. I’m ready to go to Hawaii, and the Astrologer says the planets have realigned.
So, Hello! I’ll keep you posted on the progress of all the above. Meantime, the weather here in Colorado goes from gorgeous blue sky to snow and temperatures of 10 to 20 degrees and back to awesome blue skies and sunshine again. Today the sky is brilliant blue, with a soft breeze, and even the birds are dancing around and smiling. I can’t wait to get out in it.
So, I mentioned in my last letter I would be driving to Carlsbad, California with my daughter to deliver two Ebikes that she bought from my neighbors here. It was such a great trip! I felt bonded with her in a whole new way, as we drove and had deep conversations we’d never had before.
We soaked and rested overnight at Mystic Hot Springs in Utah, finally arriving at her home in Carlsbad, and the very next day we fired up the bikes and went for a great ride along the beaches so Southern California.
Then the day after that, she had to go back to work, my friend, Ryan, arrived, and he and I hopped into my car for the drive back to Colorado. Again, he and I had deep conversations/bonding, and a full day and a half of rest/soaking at Mystic Hot Springs, and finally, we were to our homes in Colorado, and I fell into the arms of my sweet husband. Hmmm, maybe it was that trip that upset my health last week? Well, it was worth it! I’d do it again in a heartbeat! But now, its rest time and home with Robert. AHHHH.
And he seems to have gotten inspired by my travels. Our neighbor, Judith, has been in Hawaii for a couple of months and has been sending us pictures of that magical place. Before my California trip, Robert mentioned that he had never been to Hawaii and had always wanted to go. I had been on a tour there several years ago with Shawn Gallaway to swim with the dolphins, and knew the beauty and magic there, so I said: “Sure, let’s do it.” He started seriously researching Hawaii trips and found this Road Scholar’s Tour exploring National Parks on four different islands. We’ve traveled with them before. They take very good care of their people, so . . .
HE BOOKED IT! WOW! He’s retired. I’m semi-retired. COVID seems to be easing off . . . SO WE’RE GOING!
We will be stopping in San Francisco before and after to visit his son’s family; Paul and Yahuei, with their precious new child, Mila.
I’ll be here for my usual Friday Client Day, March 25th, then I’ll be gone Fridays, April 1st, and April 8th. Will have to SKIP TUNE-UP DAY FOR APRIL. I’ll be carrying all of you, my dear people, in my pockets and will take plenty of pictures to share.
But now, I must share the latest excitement. For my birthday and Christmas present last December, Robert bought me an EBIKE because he knew I was struggling, last summer, to keep up with all my young friends in the Spokes Bike Club that I’ve been a part of for over ten years. And I wondered if, at 79 years old I might have to quit. Whaaaaaa! Well, the EBIKE just arrived!
I went for my first ride on it yesterday with my old friend and the leader of Spokes, Del Hokanson. It was so exciting to surge up hills I had been exhausted on before. So, my Spokes friends, I guess you’re gonna have me around til I’m NINETY
That’s all the news for now. Life has been amazing, exciting, and busy in 2022. Not always fun . . . but often surprises and fun. I hope all of you are also living each day . . . each moment to the fullest that it presents, as I’m trying to do. Therapist, Susan, reminds us that ancient Gestalt Healing has always taught about BEING PRESENT TO ALL THAT IS NOW. WE CAN DO IT!
Sending warm thoughts and love, Kathleen

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