Adventures and More Adventures

August 18, 2019
    Well . . . WOW! Robert and I are actually getting married! The date is set: October 12, 2019. The place: Bear Creek Nature Center, is reserved. Invitations to family members are out . . . AND THEY’RE ALL COMING!
      A friend, Jesse, is preparing a meal for us. Another friend, Kim, is doing flowers. I went shopping with another friend, Sofia, and bought a wedding dress (very simple-not white), and it’s all happening.
     Two cabins are reserved in Green Mountain Falls to house the family. We even have a great BnB reserved in Estes Park for a honeymoon after we’ve played with the family for a couple of days.
    We bought the rings! Now, its time to get a MARRIAGE LICENSE!
    Sarah, Robert’s Zen teacher, will be officiating, with my dear old friend, Vivian Rice, adding a piece to the ceremony. It’s going to be a small wedding . . . but “DEEP” . . . Something to touch all of our souls.
    Oh, it’s getting very exciting! Who ever would have thought two elders like us, would meet, bond, and finally marry?
    Last night Robert and I went to the four-year anniversary party at Sunwater Spa, where I work part time. We whirled and danced and played with glow sticks, rattles, and growled and howled at the gorgeous full moon above the balcony. I got to see a side of Robert that I don’t see often. Of course we were the oldest ones there, and he was just as goofy and silly as me! Who is this man I’m marrying?? . . . the highly intelligent professor/College Dean . . . the kind, supportive friend . . . the adventure buddy . . . and, I’m finding out . . . the play loving, goofy guy buddy. The more I accept what’s coming to me . . . the more I love him. Sigh.
    So, our California trip . . . it was another WOW!
    We started off playing in San Diego with my daughter, Shawna, exploring, tasting great food on a special street in the downtown.
     Next we flew north to SF/Saratoga Springs for a wonderful, fun, and heart opening wedding for Robert’s son, Paul, and his lovely Taiwan girlfriend, Yahuei. All her family was there . . . many didn’t speak English, so we danced and laughed and did sign language together. Robert was the tall, confident professor, officiating the ceremony and it all ended with Paul and Yahuei running across a wooden bridge in the park while we waved sparklers over them.
    The next day we played with Jennie, Robert’s daughter, and her family in Ghirardelli Square, tasting chocolate and I got kissed by Chewbacca on the street.

The next day Robert and I took off, in our rent-a-car to Grass Valley, in Northern California, my home town.
We stayed at my cousin, Elaine’s, cabin in the woods and spent many wonderful hours sitting on the porch there, reconnecting with cousins, and my sister, Sharon. Some of these family members I haven’t seen in many years, and forgot how much we learned to love each other in our growing up years. 
    So then we were off again . . . heading north in the stunning Redwood National Forest to hug and kiss these incredible, giant “Beings” we call trees. I lived most of my young life in California, and had never seen The Redwoods! I was impressed.
    From there, we drove all the way down the Pacific coastline, staying, sometimes, at hot springs (like Vichy Hot Springs), to nurture our traveling bodies . . .

    Finally arriving at Petaluma, Calif. to meet my spiritual teacher, Baba Ji Gurinder Singh, who had flown in from India.  There were about 5000-6000 people there, and we were so well taken care off . . . fed, housed at Sonoma University, and guided carefully everywhere we needed to be, by about a hundred or so East Indian, Savadars . . . people who have moved to Petaluma because of the large spiritual center there. Robert was quite comfortable with Baba Ji’s talks and said it was all the same teachings as his Zen Buddhist path. And, I got chosen to personally ask Baba Ji a question (at a microphone in front of everyone). I felt deeply touched and “heard” by his answer to me. 
     A seal called to us all night long from a rock in this picture.
     All right, there’s California!
    An awesome trip and adventure with Robert. We did fine together.
     And now I’m back in Colorado . . . back to my three days a week of working with and sharing my long time therapy work with long time friends and clients . . . YOU! I’m so grateful to see you all and to have skills that help people live a richer life. Thank you for caring about me as well.
                                                       With Love and Gratitude,

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