Aromatherapy Using Essential Oils


     The use of pure essential and absolute oils distilled from plants to treat emotional and physical disorders and a wide range of other dysfunctions.

     The oils can be massaged into the skin, inhaled, diffused into the air or placed in baths and are often used along with other holistic treatments.

    Kathleen often adds an essential oil or more when treating clients to facilitate faster healing.

     Gary Young of Young Living Oils learned how the Lakota native people had a healing ceremony every year where the put all the sick and wounded people into the center of a circle under the Northern Lights of Canada. There they did upward strokes to stimulate the electromagnetic field of the Northern Lights to bring healing to each body. The healings became legendary.

     Then the Canadian border closed, and the people were no longer allowed to travel to where they were under the Northern Lights. They continued doing the ceremony without the Northern Lights but the results were not as effective.

    When Gary Young heard this story, he realized that pure essential oils have a very powerful electromagnetic field. He talked with the elders and received permission to bring essential oils to the ceremony.

    Once again the healings were miraculous.

     The elders gave him permission to use the technique used in the ceremony. Gary calls it RAINDROP THERAPY. And he taught it for many years. Kathleen learned this technique and has used it for many years.