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Chunks of Life and Weather News

It’s been a while, so this letter is in CHUNKS of time, weather, and adventures.

March 23,2023: For us in Colorado it’s been snow, then rain, then beautiful sunshine . . . then rain, snow, then another beautiful day. It’s called SPRINGTIME IN THE ROCKIES. I love it! Today is a beautiful day and my Hiker Ladies group is heading up Ute Valley . . . with Yaktrax on!


April 27, 2023

The weather is still bouncing around and Robert and I are in an emotionally bouncy time also since we made the decision to change out all our 20-year-old house carpets. OMG! It’s like moving! You pack and move everything from one part of the house . . . like the whole upstairs. Then you move to the whole next area . . . like downstairs.

Next these nice guys show up and move all the furniture. They cut and pound for several days while you try to find a place to sleep since your bed is gone, and stay out of their way, yet still be available to answer questions. Of course we worked hard using our 80-year-old memories to try to keep track of where basic things were. We found ourselves asking: “Now which box did I put my toothbrush in?” . . . “How about my shoes?” Argg!

So now they have finished. The furniture is moved back in place. Robert and I are slowly going through one box at a time: “Do I keep this? Or give it to someone? Or take it to Goodwill?”

Boxes to unpack

   Robert’s daughter, Jenny, and, next week, her son, Zayden, have been wonderful with showing up to help haul boxes from downstairs to upstairs and from one area to another. Robert has been careful not to lift anything and throw his back out. I wasn’t so smart. Born with the personality of a helper/doer, I couldn’t stop myself from grabbing and hauling any heavy box that was needed somewhere.

   Well, after a week of this, my back was in huge pain. I was bent over, couldn’t sleep, and was crying in the middle of the night. Then, one particularly painful night, my sweet husband said: “Get your slippers on. I’m taking you to Emergency!”

Everyone there was kind. They immediately put me in a wheelchair and rolled me into a room where I was met by a Physician Assistant who interviewed me on the causes of pain, then palpated my back to find the exact problem area. She brought me two different pain medicines to take immediately, then the doctor came in and injected a strong steroid into my lower back area. They both gave me clear instructions on how to follow up over the next week. Then I was wheeled back out to the car and Robert drove me home. Again, I was crying, but this time it was tears of RELIEF! I felt no pain for the first time in a week!

   For the next few days, I was dizzy and confused about the medicine’s side effects but felt so supported by everyone. My doctor gave me an Acupuncture treatment. My Yoga teacher spent a whole class hour giving me a special Acupressure and Essential Oils treatment, while, at the same time, guiding the class through yoga movement. My classmates there were so supportive and most hugged and wished me well after class.

April 30, 2023: Onwards . . . carpeting is done. Whew! Now we just have to unpack all the boxes, find our toothbrushes and shoes again, and practice “LETTING GO”. It feels good, actually to “lighten up”. It might take us a month to finish the job and that’s OK. My back is slowly getting stronger. I’m off all pain meds and I am able to hike, bike, do yoga, and all the physical stuff I’m used to . . . just slowly and carefully, but I don’t HAUL AND LIFT! Jenny and Zayden are coming to help with that. Oh, Bless Them!


 So today a gorgeous Spring is exploding in our Colorado mountains. A brilliant blue sky with tufts of bright green peeking up from the soft brown earth. The birds are singing: “Here I am . . . a handsome male looking for a mate.” The owl calls: “Who’s awake? Me too.” (Can you tell I’ve been studying bird calls lately?)  I took a “BREAK DAY” and went to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo to relax and get some special animal love.

Giraffe at Zoo



May 8, 2023   Okay, here’s the final part of this letter. I do hope it hasn’t been too long, but I couldn’t say goodbye without sharing this last adventure.  I just returned from a Trail Crew Leader Training in the mountains near Evergreen, CO. It was a two-day course to teach nature enthusiasts how to lead volunteers in building effective, safe, and environmentally friendly trails through back-country wilderness.






   Three of us attended from our Trail Crew in Green Mtn. Falls, and I traveled and camped with an old friend, Doug, who’s family I lived next door to in MANITOU SPRINGS . . . probably ten years ago.Oh, it was a strenuous, exciting, and amazing adventure! We learned exactly how to read the environment (water runoff, rocks, gravel, slope lines), how to safely carry and use all manner of tools with weird names like Pickmadox, Pulaski, McCleod, and how to care for the safety of a volunteer crew while teaching them how to build a trail. My back is better, but I was very careful with the lifting, carrying, hoeing, and raking. Still, our trainers supported and encouraged us, and taught us so much! As well as physical, the course was quite mentally challenging as we practiced taking the group through the steps of safety and trail building . . . such as “CUSS” . . . Carry Use Store, and Safety in the use of tools with those unusual names.


   The climate in those northern mountains was beautiful throughout the day and then dropped to just above zero degrees during the nights. The hard part for me on the trip was shivering and shaking through the whole first night in my tent . . . under a gorgeous huge full red moon. Then, the next day, as the group heard about my discomfort, people loaned me sleeping bags, blankets, and ground pads. I was so warm and cozy the next night, I SLEPT LIKE A LOG! Whew!

Doug   Crew Hiking In Crew Hiking Out Tent View


Well, now, I’m home, cuddling with my sweet, supportive husband, watching and listening to the spring birds sing through beautiful, bright Colorado days.Kathleen and Robert

Thank you for reading and, I hope, enjoying this newsletter. I do love staying in touch.

Yes, I’m still offering treatments in Craniosacral, Lymphatic, Essential Oils, and various other bodywork therapies on Fridays at my home in Green Mountain Falls, Colorado. and am loving seeing all of my old friends and clients.

Thank to my friend and our Mayor, Todd Dicksen, I am now officially licensed to work in this town. So I look forward to seeing those who show up for a treatment.

I’m not great at immediate online connection, so people usually just call or text me at 719-684-0112.


Erin Go Bragh

Hello To All My Friends And Family,
Erin Go Bragh is the common expression for Irish everywhere and it means “IRELAND FOREVER”.  Happy Irish Day, March 17, 2024!
Wow! Has it really been two months since my last letter? I love old friends from years back who will walk up to me in Natural Grocers, or Costco, or at a hardware store, give me a big hug, remind me who they are, and thank me for this letter. They remind me of all the different “walks in life” I’ve had. It’s so fun! But, you know, if anyone wants to get off my list, just unsubscribe and you will be removed. For me, I love the connection and communication. I’m still working with clients/friends on Fridays . . . doing my best to help with whatever their challenges are. As my eighty-year-old memory begins to forget very technical anatomy, I find that my hands feel and know everything no matter where they are on the body! (AND, of course, I have lots of anatomy books if my mind needs to clarify anything.)
Robert and I are doing well. We recently celebrated his eighty-ninth birthday with a trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was a great time! Here we are at MEOW WOLF.

Then, at a popular Italian restaurant there, we joined the locals in singing with an excellent piano player there. We had a yummy meal, and then, the manager came marching out with his staff, and a beautiful, free desert with candles glowing on top. He waved at the piano player to start playing, and everyone sang Happy Birthday to Robert! Isn’t that cool?
So now I have just finished a seven-hour, online workshop with longtime friend and teacher, Dr. Michael Shea. We took a deep look at Embryology; or how we humans are formed, grow, and how that amazing process is still going on in our adult bodies! It can be felt and encouraged with a certain touch to enhance deep healing anywhere in the body.  I still have much to learn, and it’s exciting to be learning again. I haven’t really studied anything for a couple of years, especially since I sold my school, and, at eighty-one, my brain can still learn!
Other than those studies I’m doing my favorite thing . . . getting outdoors. That’s where our Health is, right? I’m hiking, some biking, Maximum Energetic Lengthening Technique (MELT), Physical Therapy two times/week for a spinal nerve challenge, and . . . I’M DANCING!  Remember I mentioned in my last letter that my spiritual teacher said: “Keep on dancing!” So I am. I found a Zumba class with a very talented East Indian dancer and teacher. It’s great fun, and I haven’t wriggled my fingers and hips like that since I was in my 20’s, when I performed with a Middle Eastern dance troupe in Northern California, and it seems to still be inherent in my body. So, is there anything physical that you’d like to try, that, maybe, you did in your youth, and assume now, that it’s gone? No! it’s still there! Go for it!
I’m happy to be in touch with all you longtime friends and family through these letters. I’ve not been too good at responding to your replies online in the past, as I’m rarely online. But I’m going to work at being better at responding. Promise. It is absolutely exciting to remember the times we’ve had together. And to possibly even plan something together in the future. I just went skiing with my old friend and colleague, Robin, who I haven’t seen in several years. We rode the chairs lifts, caught up with each other’s lives, and had so much fun, we’re going skiing again next week!
One of my favorite towns, Manitou Springs, just celebrated their 31st CARNIVALE parade with a theme of ARTOPIA. I had heard from a friend earlier, that an artist, Sophia Hernandez Crade, was working hard to create a giant puppet of my dear old friend, and beloved artist, Rockey, who died a few years ago. So, I had to go see this for myself. OMG! It was incredible. It looked so much like him; I had tears in my eyes. He traveled on a forklift and his head turned as he smiled on the cheering crowds. Of course, the judges awarded the first place prize to the artist for the best entry in this year’s theme.
On Thursday, March 14, 2024, we were in the middle of the biggest snowstorm Colorado has had in many years, according to locals.

Businesses closed, meetings and appointments were cancelled, and everyone“hunkered in” . . . except for our Plow Guy, Ryan, and our dedicated Green Mountain Falls maintenance team who were out plowing the roads at five in the morning. Our mayor was out in his little scooter plow helping people dig out. I made some nice, healthy/yummy brownies to say thanks to them. Neighbors were checking in with each other to see if anyone needed help and all had enough food. (This is one of the reasons I love this little town.)
The birds are everywhere around the feeders. Robert and I spent some time sitting by the fireplace watching the birds, drinking tea, relaxing. After such a busy few weeks, we were “forced” to relax.
Warmly, Kathleen

Back Home to the USA



Can you believe it?

And I’m back from my trip across the world . . . India. In my last letter I mentioned that I saved the money and was going BUSINESS CLASS!

Wow . . . I’m now thoroughly spoiled. I had my own little cubicle, and the steward brought me a cushion to cover my whole chair when I laid it out flat in the middle of the night . . . and I slept and slept . . . just like being in bed. On arriving in India, 20 hours later, I felt refreshed and vibrant. Yup, I’ll probably never



Can you believe it?

And I’m back from my trip across the world . . . India. In my last letter I mentioned that I saved the money and was going BUSINESS CLASS!

Wow . . . I’m now thoroughly spoiled. I had my own little cubicle, and the steward brought me a cushion to cover my whole chair when I laid it out flat in the middle of the night . . . and I slept and slept . . . just like being in bed. On arriving in India, 20 hours later, I felt refreshed and vibrant. Yup, I’ll probably never do a long trip without Business Class tickets.

Business Class

Our one stopover was in Seattle, where I got to see and stay with old friends, Michael and Marilyn Harnden. They took me exploring around their town and introduced me to their town’s TROLL . . . built by the same artist who built the troll here in Colorado.




So, friends are asking me: “What really stands out for you on the trip?” Oh, there were so many things that stand out . . . starting with traveling on the streets of New Dehli.

  Dehli Street at Night


First, were the heartwarming interactions I had with my spiritual teacher, Baba Ji. Each time my heart would start to warm up and would expand all over my body. The advice He offered in response to my questions was exactly what I needed to hear at this time in my life challenges. And He always makes me laugh and lighten up. This time He startled me at the end of our conversation with:


Then, as I walked out of the meeting hall, a lady walking beside me said: “Didn’t Baba Ji tell you to keep dancing?” “Yes,” I responded, “but I don’t know any dancers here this year.” She said: “Well, I’m a Gopi dancer, and I’m on my way to rehearsal. Come on.” And I went . . . and I loved it!


So what is Gopi Dance? It was founded it was by a famous Hindu dancer/theater performer: Gopi Krishna. It seems he modernized, speeded up, and performed a whole new exciting type of Indian dance. It was much like what we call Jazz Dance, in theater performances, that took Ballet to a whole new level in the US. The audiences loved it in both countries!

Anyway, dancing for our grinning Baba Ji in our annual Foreigner’s Christmas Show was another HIGHLIGHT of the trip.

Kathleen Gopi Dance


There were more. It opens my heart again to share them with you. So, ask me later about my three days in the Beas Hospital, with COVID, and dancing with the nurses and doctors there! Or ask about our week in the Aurobindo Ashram and all the places we visited there.

Friends Travel IndiaAurobindo KM

I traveled with two old friends, Robert and Carola Intersimone. They are very experienced travelers and introduced me to new ways of experiencing India.

I so recommend to everyone, to go on a trip to a foreign country if you have the chance! It gives one such a bigger perspective of our own country to see it in the eyes of others across the world. I’m proud to be an American!

I do want to mention that I met so many people from so many different countries that were dreading this upcoming year. Yes, across the world, countries are struggling with wars, violence, terrorism, financial upheaval, and here, in the US, our political system seems to be exploding in many directions.

When Baba Ji was asked about it, he agreed that “Yes, this year will be harder”, but then he went on to say how important it is for each of us to “find our peace inside”! And He emphasized how important Meditation is to keep us calm . . . keep our hearts open . . . stay present to each moment and whatever decisions we must make right then . . . not worrying about weeks and months into the future. He said: “Stay Positive! Don’t come from Fear! Be Happy! This is how we can change the world.” Great advice, right?

Robert n Kathleen

So now I’m home . . . spending time with my sweet, supportive husband. Baba Ji told me that, at this time of our lives . . . our 80’s (Robert is almost 90!), it’s a time to deepen our friendship . . . take care of each other and enjoy our time together . . . PLAY! Cool, huh? Aging can be fun!

Now that I’m home, I’ve started seeing clients again, one day a week, on Fridays. As most of you know, I work with a combination of the many things I’ve studied: Craniosacral, Lymphatic, Essential Oils, Polarity, Deep Tissue, Massage Therapies and more. I love the work. I love the people I get to share it with. And watching friends HEAL simply warms my heart.

Since I’m only working on Fridays now, with my Semi-retirement, please call early if you’d like to get in. My number is 719-684-0112. Texting is the quickest was to get ahold of me.

AndI’m so sorry to confess . . . that with all the commotion of the trip and Christmas, and family . . . I have been BAD at picking up messages for the two months. Please forgive me. I am starting to go through all messages, texts, emails, so if you left a message, you’ll be hearing from me. Again, I apologize for the delay. You are important to me and I look forward to seeing you!

My Tune-up Schedule can be found here.








Eclipse Season and Travel News

   We’re almost into 2024!  Wow! Where did 2023 go? I wonder if this will be as wild a year as 2023 . . . eclipses, surprises, twelve months of “the unexpected” popping up in all directions. Yet also, many of us decided to do unusual fun things . . . like travel and connect with family not seen in months/years.

     And speaking of unusual happenings, I do hope you all saw and felt the wonder of our recent sun eclipse. Somehow everything got dark in the middle of a bright morning! I managed to find a pair of Solar glasses that I’d last used for some solar wonder about ten years ago. Robert and I were able to directly watch this big ball move slowly across the sun. Nature is so amazing to me! Stay tuned for our next lunar eclipse, October 28th.

   Our astrologer, David Pond, says: “Eclipse seasons often bring situations from your past back into your life to re-examine in the light of your future.” He then talks about the pain in our hearts, and the “storm clouds of war”, and how each of us can become “an emissary for peace by rising above petty judgements of others and cultivating deep acceptance of our differences.”


   Thank you, David. I hope these thoughts touch the hearts of my friends as they did mine.

   I must mention the wonderful BCTA Conference (Biodynamic Craniosacral) that I had the chance to present at in September of this year in gorgeous Estes Park. What a great experience and re-connection of professional friends since before COVID! My presentation went well.  I got to introduce my old friend and mentor, Anna Chitty, who was our keynote speaker.
   The most fun was when our president, Jennifer, asked me to do something right at the beginning, to connect and reintroduce people to each other. So . . . I got everyone walking swiftly around the room, looking down, not connecting with others at all, as I gave them a synopsis of how they were “late for an important conference and were a main speaker”. Then I said “FREEZE!” They felt the tension in their hearts and the disconnect with everyone around them. Then we walked again, with the same stress synopsis . . . but this time looking in people’s eyes as we passed each other . . . SMILING! Again “FREEZE!” What a difference in their hearts and nervous system! And they were so happy to be together.
Try it! It works as a primary Nervous System release!

At the Conference we sang this fun song written by Steve Morrow:

“Smiling is infectious, you catch it like the flu.
When someone smiled at me today, I caught me smiling too.
I walked around the corner then, and someone caught my grin
 It was then I knew, I realized . . . I’d passed it on to him.

 I thought about that smile then, and realized it’s worth
A single smile just like mine can travel round the earth.

 So if you feel a smile begin, don’t leave it undetected
 Let’s start an epidemic now,


    One of the fun things I did this summer, was to visit this fascinating sculpture of RITA near a little mining town called Victor just up the pass from Green Mountain Falls. She represents “Putting the Earth together again.” She is acting as a guardian of the mines there. She was created from all recycled and repurposed wood.

   So here I go again . . . off to India. This time for almost a month and a half!  I’ll be catching a plane to Seattle on November 18th, where I’ll be staying with old friends; Marilyn and Michael. Then, the next day, I hook up with some other old friends; Robert and Carola, and off we go to India together.   We’ll be getting there early . . . before our favorite Spiritual Center; Dera Baba Jaimal Singh, opens. This gives us time to go exploring further south, to a town called; Chattipoor, where our Spiritual teacher will be doing some talks. Next we will be spending a soothing and delicious three weeks at Dera after it opens.

    After that I’ll be heading home. I will arrive in Denver on December 22nd . . . just in time for Christmas with Robert’s family. My sweet husband will be taking me to and from Denver airport and is so supportive of me having this time with my teacher! So many people have helped me put this trip together.


   For those of you wondering . . . Robert will spend most of the time while I’m gone with his daughter’s family near Denver. And several of our good neighbors have offered to check in on him when they see he’s home.

   It’s a busy time for me right now. All the tickets and travel arrangements are done, and now, it’s all about packing, and finding supplies, and preparing for Christmas because there will be no time when I return. Plus, I remember how exhausted I was in other years, after 48 hours in the air. However, this year will be different because I put all my savings together and bought BUSINESS CLASS TICKETS! Everyone says it’s a huge difference and I’ll be able to rest and sleep in lounge chairs in the air, and there will be comfy lounges in stopover airports. Yippee!


  Meantime, here we are at the end of a beautiful, bright summer . . . hiking, biking, playing drums, exploring, connecting, and adventuring into the fall season in this special little “Arts Town” of Green Mountain Falls.

   Put it on your calendars now, to attend the Green Box Arts Festival around July 4th in 2024. It’s really special!

Joy In The Gap



  Has it really been four months since our my last newsletter?? OMG!!How has your summer been going? Has it been wild, fun, family filled, adventuring, and, sometimes, exhausting? I had a magical moment with family on our deck with a rainbow behind them.


That’s been my summer. I’ve been learning some very powerful lessons in “Acceptance and Strength through Change”. One of my yoga teachers, Linda, taught us a good tool the other day.
She started with having imagine our favorite mountain. For me, it is “TAVA”, our beautiful local mountain that most call Pike’s Peak, but the Native people have always honored it as “Tava”, meaning “Sun Mountain Sitting Big”.
So we learned in yoga, as we think of our mountain, to feel it! For thousands of years it has been attacked by storms. Think of all the animals and people climbing, biking, driving, and building places . . . and yet,
  Then, our teacher had us IMAGINE “the mountain INSIDE OF US . . . WITH IT’S PEAK EXTENDING UP INSIDE OUR HEAD”. Try it! Suddenly you find a strength inside you that you never knew you had! FEEL IT! What do you know about it? Then put it inside . . . FEEL IT AGAIN. AHHHH!


   And so, Life Goes On. My daughter, Shawna, calls it: “Joy In The Gap”.

   Then, a little later, when I tried to get my bike out of my car, after a nice ride one night, the back hatch would not open! I finally called my mechanic, Charles, down in Manitou Springs.

  “We’re totally booked!”, he said rapidly, then paused. “OK, get it in here, and we’ll see what we can do!” So I immediately drove to Manitou . . . grateful to Charles.
  When I got there, he sent one of his guys out, who crawled inside and out of Elmo (my car), and, finally got the latch to let go. I’ll need a new latch, but I know Charles will find it for me, and I was able to get the car home, and my bike out.


   So while I was down the Ute Pass, in Colorado Springs, I figured it was a good time to get my medical stuff organized . . . like: What is my Medicare Supplemental, exactly, and What does it do? Why are two different primary care docs calling me and wanting me to book appointments? Why did PT suddenly say that they don’t work with the doc I’ve been with for a year? Some health issues have surfaced, and I have to book an MRI, Blood labs, and a Neurology check. How? Plus, LOOK OUT! When you turn 80 years old, no matter how healthy you are, you’re supposed to get yearly Heart, Hearing, Vision, Blood Pressure, Mammogram (for women . . . for men, it’s Prostate), checkups, and all these providers start calling you to get you booked. It’s a bit overwhelming.
But, hey, I’ve always been a “health nut”. So I’m a very healthy 80 year old. Some back issues have come up (probably due to all the hauling and lifting I mentioned in the last letter when we had our carpets redone). And my blood pressure is a bit high, probably due to how active I always am . . . have a hard time slowing down. So, I’m being a good girl and doing all the labs and checkups. But it’s a lot and I got overwhelmed today, until I connected with a lovely woman, Robin, at the Medicare Resource Center. She answered all questions, helped me establish priorities and book appointments one at a time over several weeks.


Then . . . these last couple of months have been an incredibly active and fun time in our little town of Green Mountain Falls. Thanks to our kind entrepreneur with the Kirkpatrick Foundation, the Friends of Ute Pass Trails, and the town itself, we have had beautiful art unveilings, artists; dancers, musicians, and art builders brought in from all over the world. Up by the Wallace Reserve a giant wooden egg was created using pieces of pine bark.
   We created beautiful lanterns and floated them on the lake one evening. The pavilion was silhouetted against the mountains behind Green Mountain Falls



We had performances of ballet dancers at the Green Box Festival. It was heart-stopping beautiful.
A yoga teacher came from New York and inspired us to reach new heights in this beautiful mountain setting.


During Bronc Day there were horses, a parade and huge pancake breakfast. Of course I’ve been involved in all of it . . and glow with pride as I walk around this beautiful town.   I’d love to share it with all of you if you ever come visit!



And I don’t want to forget the great time our drum group had when we entertained folks at the Concrete Couch Festival in Colorado Springs.
And YES! I am still working on Fridays.