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An Unforgettable Time of Growth

Dear, Dear Friends and Family,
As we go continue through this emotional, unforgettable time in our lives . . . in our country . . . in our world, I find myself going up and down and up and down emotionally. When I look at my comfortable life and warm home I wonder “why?”
Well, remember, we are a “herd species”. This means that, whether we recognize it or not, we are sensitive to those around us. I know the left brain folks (intellectuals), don’t want to hear “whoowhoo” stuff, but, as a species we are intuitive to the feelings/emotions of those around us, whether we are aware of it or not. This human (and most mammals) quality has allowed our species to survive and grow. Think about it.
Now, in this time, astrologer, David Pond, says: “The cosmic weather is charged with electrifying energy, with a sudden release of built up tension . . . like the energy of earthquakes and lightning storms. At the personal level, for those who can skillfully handle this intense energy, it can lead to breakthroughs, innovative discoveries, and rapid evolution and growth.” 
WHEW! That’s a mouthful!
        So how do we skillfully handle all the energy and emotion we feel around us?
Yes . . . STOP . . . BREATHE DEEPLY.
Singer, and friend, Shawn Gallaway, wrote a song about this time (even though he wrote it in the 1980’s). Here’s the chorus:
           “For the winter’s storm will soon be over
           The season of fear . . . gone with the night
           As the new day begins we’ll discover
           The light in our heart
           Blooming into love . . . the sign of spring
           The Awakening!”
  Go to YouTube to watch the video and listen to Shawn Gallaway singing “The Great Awakening” at:
Joe Biden says: “LET’S DO IT . . . TOGETHER!”
       So it’s an exciting and life changing time . . . sometimes scary . . . as people die of COVID 19. And sometimes it’s soul touching as we watch the inauguration ceremony for Joe and Kamala. I had tears in my eyes and hope in my heart as I watched Lady GaGa, and Jennifer Lopez, sing our beloved national songs.
And then, tears again, watching the twenty two year old Amanda Gorman reciting her poem of hope and resolve for the country.
I had a deep sense that Joe and Kamala were really speaking from a place of resolve, and truth, and heart about how they plan to grow our country to a new place of balance and protection for all beings and the land.
Yes, I know I’ve been a democrat forever, but no matter what our political leanings, we all agree that we’ve been quite out of balance for the last years, and I strongly feel that now we have an opportunity to come together and rebuild our country to the truth and inspiration, that the whole rest of the world is waiting for, and that we have been in the past. And I intuitively feel that we now have leaders that will strive for this . . . for the good of all.
So there’s my honest heart. And I so hope I don’t offend anyone with my openness. 
On the personal level, I know how sensitive I am to others. That’s what makes me a good therapist for the last forty five years. So it’s a time to really pay attention to the emotions that pass through me. Are they mine? Or do they belong to the woman behind me at the grocery store, with three school-age children, trying to figure out how to get them through online schooling! Or maybe they are the churning in the heart of my client/friend who just came from hours and hours of surgery at the hospital for the polyps found in his colon . . . or maybe feeling the favorite neighbor who just found out he had throat cancer?
Sometimes ten or fifteen times in a day, I suddenly find myself fast or shallow breathing for, seemingly no reason at all. And then I remember:
Let’s all stay together. Mask-up when playing together. Lets hold “virtual” hands . . . open our hearts.  Allow the learning, the growth, and the regeneration to build inside us.
Sometimes we can be quiet . . . contemplating. If tears come . . . welcome them . . . let the release happen.
Sending Deep Warmth to you all,
PS: Yes, I am still doing treatments; Cranial, Lymphatic, Essential Oils, Massage, Polarity Therapies one day a week, Fridays, out of our home in beautiful Green Mountain Falls, Colorado. Give me a call if you’d like some nurturing, pain release, brain balancing, or would just like to take a walk around the lake . . . Donation only.

Learning to Take Care of Ourselves

WELL . . . this year is almost complete. Hooray!   Astrologer, David Pond, says: “Keep heart, the end of this heavy energy is close upon us. Put up some holiday lights to lift your spirit, and in general, this is a good week to get your woo-woo on!”
           So it’s definitely been a year of learning, right? I feel close to many of you as we have supported each other through the surprise challenges of the COVID pandemic, ie; loss of jobs, loss of money, separation, loneliness, shutdown schools, concerts, performances, all group gatherings, closing of favorite shops, and sometimes, whole towns . . . and on and on.
It’s not over yet, but thank goodness we humans are an adaptable species. I’ve never been a computer person, but I’m learning! I can now do several meet-ups and classes on Zoom and Facebook, and now, thanks to my computer mentor, Jason Kovach, I’m learning Skype, What’s App, and more communication skills to come.  
Robert and I had a great “Virtual Thanksgiving” meal with his family in San Francisco, and Elizabeth, CO. The computers with Zoom were on all of our tables as we ate, talked, laughed, and played “Thanksgiving Jeopardy”.
Try it for Christmas. It was great fun.
The biggest challenge that has come up for me is the mental/emotional: “Who am I when I’m not doing the work of my life for 45 years??” I’ve developed what my Docs call: “an essential tremor” that has been getting worse and making it hard to write. So I’ve been exploring it recently with my favorite doctors and practitioners to get to the “root cause”. Three practitioners of various modalities have now given me the same feedback. The original cause is a lifelong mental/emotional pattern of: BUSY-NESS!
Does anyone else recognize this in themselves?
I know I’m not alone. Whenever I am challenged by life, I get BUSY with projects, errands, people, or just gallivanting, I feel USEFUL when I’m occupied, doing and accomplishing whatever. As one therapist put it: I fill my mind, which then overflows into emotions (Sympathetic Nervous System), and scamper around trying to ACCOMPLISH. The result is a constant, internal unrest. It’s very difficult for me to sit still . . . breathe . . . still my mind. OK, I get it.
The anecdote is: SLOW DOWN!
Ha! Easier said than done! But I’m practicing. Heck, if I can climb Pike’s Peak with practicing, surely I can learn to do this. 
Here I’d like to offer a fun and effective little treatment to boost our Immune System. It’s called NeuroLymphatic Treatment. 
These bodies of ours have a beautiful way of cleansing toxins through what’s called the Lymphatic System. The lymph fluid also carries proteins, fats, hormones to all the cells, and is a major drainage system of the body. There are twice as many lymph vessels and lymph as there are blood vessels and blood. Plus, swimming around through the lymph are tiny, microscopic cells called Lymphocytes . . . T Cells, and B Cells who’s job it is to attack and destroy any cell or toxin they find does not belong to “their” body.
The energy to the Lymphatic System is regulated by what we call NeuroLymphatic reflexes, located mainly on the chest and back. These reflex points act like circuit breakers or switches that turn off when the system is overloaded with toxins. The reflexes that are the most sore seem to be the ones in greatest need of stimulation.
It just takes about 5 to 7 minutes to open/stimulate the reflexes all over the body, so I’ve joined the treatment to a little song to make it fun: “Every little cell in my body is happy, Every little cell in my body is well. I’m so glad, every little cell, in my body is happy and well.” Sound interesting . . . easy?? 
Friends, Mitzi and Julia, have helped me video the procedure and put it on YouTube. Try it. It’s a fun and easy way to clean and boost your Immune System so we can be safe in our crazy environment right now. Click this link to see the video.
Onward . . . my Birthday 2 days ago and was a perfect Slow Down practice! Robert took me to Mt. Princeton Hot Springs in the beautiful Colorado Rocky mountains. It was so perfect . . . warm, outdoor mineral pools, fun classes in the water, hiking into the mountains to see a waterfall, indulging in great food, snuggling in our cozy room. The staff nurtured us in so many ways to make sure we were happy and comfortable. They even sang Happy Birthday to me, with the other guests in the restaurant and in the morning water classes, they and other guests sang to me in three different languages . . . Gaelic, Italian, and Spanish (when they learned I’m studying Spanish). Oh how fun!! The whole trip was perfect and . . . I BREATHED AND SLOWED DOWN! 
What kind of celebration do we want? Can we connect with loved ones(and Santa Claus) in safety? Can we be easy on ourselves? Maybe presents don’t have to be such a big deal this year?
Try a virtual meal . . . get outside . . . do some quiet MEDITATION? . . . maybe a 2020 Christmas is about
 I’m sending you a huge basket full of gentle love!
Warmly, Kathleen

Listen and Connect

Dear Friends and Family All,
 Here we are, one month since last letter and . . . IT SNOWED AGAIN! Whoohoo! Remember, a poet has described it as “a warm blanket of love on the earth”. We humans struggle a bit when the temperature drops to 1 DEGREE ABOVE ZERO. No wonder the birds have been so frantic at the feeders for the last several days. They ate everything. I’ve learned over years of watching birds that they will always give me the most correct weather report . . . no matter what the Weatherman is saying. Every time they get frantic about eating, within about 24 hours, the sky will turn dark and precipitation of some kind arrives. I always know when to prepare for a storm. Thank you, my smart Birdie Friends. I’m listening to you.
There’s an amazing and touching movie on Netflicks these days, called “Octopus, My Teacher”. In his underwater, snorkeling adventures, a man met and started listening to an octopus, who slowly accepted him, would sometimes swim onto his chest and snuggle, and taught him the importance of connection and contact with other beings, especially the man with his family. I had tears in my eyes through much of the movie and feel it’s importance is huge in this time of crazy politics, and fires, and COVID, with “social distancing” and only “virtual hugs and elbow bumping”. Oh how important it is to stay connected . . . to listen to each other! We are a Herd Animal” after all. But how do we do it??
Well, there’s the old fashioned way of phone calls. I just had a wonderful connection with my sister in California while on a two and a half hour drive from Arvada, CO . . . ear phones on, traffic not bad, we connected! And she helped me stay awake and alert all the way home.
And then there’s Zoom. For me, nice reconnect with colleagues and Craniosacral teachers across the U.S. while we share different teaching skills like (for my students of old) . . . remember the days when we were just plain tired or overwhelmed with all the anatomy, and we did some LAUGH YOGA? Oh, how fun and a great connector! Lean forward during a Zoom session. Look deeply into the people’s eyes, and laugh. It works.
 When there’s no other option, a simple text to start the conversation can work. Plan a meet up time. Even taking a walk with masks and social distancing works. Watch “Octopus, My Teacher” and you’ll really get the importance of CONNECTION and LISTENING.
Talk about connection . . . Robert and I had an awesome connection on our honeymoon/one year anniversary two weeks ago! We stayed again at our favorite place; Dao Lodge, had breakfast by the fire and a great reconnection with Master Chen, the Dao owner. We walked all over Lily Lake, and along the river behind town, and, finally, we dressed up in fancy clothes and had an Indian meal by the river.
 A week after we got home the fires started and Estes Park was evacuated! Shock! The elk, I’m sure got away, and when people found there were not enough trailers to get all the horses away, they painted their phone number on the horse’s flank and pushed them out of their corrals so they could escape. Since then, there have been some sweet pictures in the paper, of reconnections of horses (and donkeys) with their owners. So now I understand Estes is safe again, thanks to the snow. Whew!
On a different note . . . how I appreciate all of you who have been coming to my home and new office in Green Mountain Falls for your treatments! Everyone who’s come has had appreciation for the beautiful mountain environment here, and usually plan to take a walk around our little lake or a hike up a mountain trail.
Well, now it’s WINTER! That “warm blanket of love” is feeding the earth, but we human’s tend to avoid this kind of weather conditions, preferring a warm blanket of WOOL in front of a fire. But it’s still a beautiful adventure to come here.
Coming up the Ute Pass has never been a problem in all the years I’ve lived up here, as the highway crews are out at 5am on every stormy day, making sure the road is plowed, sanded, and safe so people can get to work. And our wonderful town maintenance guys do the same thing here in Green Mtn. Falls. I take them some homemade brownies as a thank you, several times a season, when they’ve had to work long days to make sure we can all get around. So, no worries. Drive carefully and you’ll get here just fine. I’ll be sanding our driveway, but if there’s too much snow to get up the hill, I’ll arrange for you to park at our neighbor’s cabin.
  Then, once here, if you get here early, stay warm in your car until the person before is leaving, and I’ll come find you and guide you into my warm office space. I might even get a fire going in the wood stove for a little extra atmosphere on a cold day. How bout that! Do you feel a bit interested in a nice treatment in a warm room, on a cold day?
SO COME ON WINTER! WE’RE READY FOR YOU! I look forward to CONNECTING, and having some fun times with you all.
           Warm Hugs and Happy Halloween, Kathleen

Support Our Species

September 15, 2020
Support Our Species

Dear Friends and Family,
Once again, I’m sitting in my favorite meditation chair, watching the birds outside hopping around on t  he porch, and . . . WATCHING OUR FIRST FALL SNOW!
Has summer really passed already? Well, it took a snowfall to stop my “gallivanting”, stay home, get on my computer, and see what else is happening in the world.

     Are we living in a wild time or what! And the learning curve for us 70+ year olds is huge. For the last 30 years I’ve watched technology grow and young folks take to it like “ducks to water.” . . . but not us elders. I confess I was/am a bit scared by it. I struggled to learn the many new programs on my computer, but, oh, I would always rather take a hike than answer emails . . . and I didn’t  know how to text. Then I received an iPhone in the mail with a note from my daughter, Shawna: “Mom, I’m getting too busy to talk on the phone much. You need to learn to text. Here’s a phone to do it on.” And so I learned. (Don’t we owe much to our “techie” children!)
I’m good at it now, but, hey, look at technology now!
       Everything is VIRTUAL!

    I just got off an amazing, incredible, international Biodynamic Craniosacral Conference on ZOOM! Oh my God! The teachers and attendees were from all over the world. And the healing was powerful. The connections were deep. Who ever would have thought I/we could do it? Zooming, chatting, having deep Breakout Room discussions . . . while the birds and squirrels hopped around just outside my screen door.

     The most powerful experience for me in the conference was a Breakout Session with three of us from different countries, “virtually” holding and supporting each other’s births. My re-birthing experiences have always been a feeling of huge physical pressure  on my body, feeling a sadness and fear in my parents, culminating in a blasting out through the birth canal with right fist overhead and a powerful mental pattern of: “I have to save my parents!” Birth expert, Ray Castillino called it: “Joan of Arc”. This time it was so different. I clearly felt the two practitioners holding and loving me. They morphed into representing mom and dad. At one point I felt them looking at me with love and pride in their eyes, then look up at each other with a deep gaze of love, and I knew that I no longer needed to blast out to help them. I relaxed and flowed with mom’s body. Then I was out and being softly held by both of them. Joan of Arc was no longer needed! Each time I remember this in my consistently busy life, I slow down, breathe, and feel my heart open.

    Could this be a lesson for us all at this time? Can we use COVID-19 to open our hearts to each other, and
in that HEALTH expression feel ourselves SLOW DOWN, so we can FEEL/SUPPORT those around us? Can we be an instrument in creating a “WE”? in our world . . . i.e.: ATTUNEMENT, PRESENCE, WARMTH?
    A New Zealand bulletin board we were shown, announces: “BE CALM. BE KIND”.
   Darwin says: “The species that is most cooperative is the species that survives.”
    One of our final speakers, Ellen Grosser, in Spain, suggested a global attitude: “My truth does not have to be your truth. We can exchange opinions, and CONSTANTLY CHOOSE LOVE.”
    Thank you, Shawn Gallaway, for your beautiful, award winning song: “I Choose Love”. I play and sing it constantly. (https://youtu.be/R74yx4ConVc)

     And thank you to the Biodynamic Craniosacral conference committee who worked hard to put together and present to the world, a potentially world-changing meeting and conference. It has changed me.
     If you’re interested in more, visit: www.craniosacraltherapy.org . . . then choose: BCTA/NA.
I am still working out of my home office. And I would like to remind you that I am working for donation only, especially for pregnant women.
     So we expand and explode into our changing world with open hearts and eyes and have an opportunity to grow as a species. Will you take the challenge? I am.

                                                Love and warmth, Kathleen



Well, here’s the update of Sharing Inner Health since our last newsletter . . . just in case you haven’t called the office (213-1066) and listened to my message there.
     The owner of my office building, Heart of Manitou, has been wanting to retire for years, and now, with the shutdowns, has taken that step and will not be reopening the building! I was in shock at first . . . called around Manitou . . . no other office was available.
      I finally pulled a Tarot card in hopes of guidance. It said so strongly: STOP! REFLECT! THE ANSWER WILL BE IN FRONT OF YOU WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT.
     So I talked to Robert, took some long hikes in our spring-blossoming mountains, and the answer came.
     For a month I’ve been working, on a donation basis, with several long time friends/clients when they really needed it, out of the downstairs apartment of our home in Green Mountain Falls (GMF). It’s such a lovely place with a short drive through beautiful Ute Pass from Colorado Springs, and has a private entrance and plenty of parking.


I wear a mask and require others do also. I disinfect and wash everything before and after each person and the people  coming have loved the experience!
      One husband, while waiting outside, watched a magpie hop onto the back of a deer, and ride there as the herd wandered through our back yard. When folks come they often plan enough time to wander down to the lake in town and admire the baby goslings there . . . or even hike up one of our great mountain trails. (GMF was written up in a large CO newspaper as ranking at the top of the list for the 500+ trails in CO.)
      And the decision was made for me. With Robert’s support, I have started WORKING ONE DAY A WEEK, FRIDAY, out of our home.
     While this crazy “Pandemic” is going on, I am only requesting donation for my services, as I mostly just want to help us all get through this time . . . TOGETHER.
      So there you have it. My office number is going away, so please call my personal number; 719-684-0112 for an appointment. Robert will no longer be sending out reminders . . . but I will.
     Speaking of Robert, a number of you know he hurt his back two weeks ago. As he’s been in ongoing pain with it and we have been spending a lot of time in doctor’s offices and the local hospitals, getting x-rays, and CAT scans, and MRI’s done to find out what is going on. It turns out he has two fractured vertebrae in his mid-back.
     It’s been “a journey”, but now we know exactly what we’re working with and have about decided to do this surgery called: KyphoPlasti. It will shorten recovery time by a month and will protect his spine from any further breakage.We’re still researching so if you know anything about it, please let us know.
     A very heartwarming thing for us is to see so many people “stepping up to the plate” to help us. His Buddhist teacher, Sarah, was waiting outside the doctor’s office this morning with two soups she had made to help us cover meals during this time. My neighbor, Rebecca, is going to follow me on my motorcycle, to the repair place 30 minutes away, to make sure I get home, since Robert can’t do it. Robert’s whole Buddhist group is checking in daily to see how they can help.
     So onward. Regarding the opening of my HOME OFFICE, I love seeing old friends and sharing our beautiful mountains with you.
     As the world slowly searches for BALANCE . . . let’s each of us find BALANCE IN OURSELVES . . . work, play, rest, contemplation, doing what we can to help others in various ways. WE ARE HUMANS! WE ARE THE SPECIES THAT HAS NEVER GONE EXTINCT . . . BECAUSE WE KNOW HOW TO PULL TOGETHER!
     I am sharing a link to a song from a favorite friend, Shawn Gallaway, to help you find BALANCE in your own life.
      The uprisings are beginning to calm, as we connect and inspire each other across the world. Together, we will rediscover BALANCE in ourselves . . . our countries . . . our planet. WE CAN DO IT!
                                   With love and warmth, 

In The Balance – Shawn Gallaway
https://youtu.be/ujWuB12G-toIn the balance

In the balance
Brothers and sisters, now
I’ve made my choice
To walk with honor
Myself employ

I will dance in the spectrum of emotion
From the center I see red, yellow, black, white
One love
One light

In the balance love is born
In the womb of eternity
A physical universe
Where spiritual awareness breaths

In the balance of a child
Playing with creation
Color in my dreams
With the power of peace

In the balance
The moment grows
In the balance
Is love’s eternal flow
In the balance

One heart
One mind
One light
Let it shine
Let it shine