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The Rumors are True

Well, it’s a beautiful spring in Colorado and I’ve been hearing rumors flying around so I want to set things straight:
      Yes, Robert and I are getting married! We’re moving on it very slowly and keeping it small . . . immediate family only. We get excited, then scared, then excited, then scared and have been grateful and amazed at the huge support we’ve received from everyone who hears about it. Thank you so much, Everyone! We’ve both been married before but it’s different when you’re in your seventy’s and eighty’s: used to being independent, making your life decisions, sleeping in your own bed, and then, the physical attraction thing . . . overwhelming ecstasy and all that, is different when you’re older . . . right?

       But we just plain “like each other a lot”. We’re seeing a great marriage counselor monthly, talking about everything that comes up, and Robert is definitely my best friend. Why not marry your best friend?      

So we’ve set the date for October 12 at a beautiful, local Nature Center. And we plan to honeymoon in Estes Park, Colorado.
      Luckily we both like adventure because this is definitely AN ADVENTURE!
      There you have it: The Rumors are True!       

Meantime, I wanted to get this newsletter out right away to you all because I’M LEAVING NEXT WEEK FOR IRELAND WITH MY COUSIN, ELAINE!
      She had been doing research on Ancestry.com and found out we’re very Irish. She’s never been there before, and really, really wants to explore and perhaps even find a “Greenfield” relative.
     A year ago I told her I’d go with her after a conversation when we discovered both of our mothers had always wanted to go there and had never gone. So the time has come. It’s our Generation’s turn! I’ve been studying Irish Dance for several months . . . Robert helped us put together a loose itinerary and OFF WE GO! We’re leaving May 1st to Dublin, and will return May 16th . . . two weeks, to maybe find an ancestor.


If you’re wanting/needing a treatment while I’m gone, call: Amy Porter, 719-235-7872, who will cover Craniosacral Therapy and Lymphatic treatments, and David Lipps, 727-743-2160, who will cover Massage Therapy.  Both are excellent therapists and have many other modalities to share. Please call them directly. Judi will be covering the phones as usual and making appointments for me when I return. The office number she picks up daily is 719-213-1066.

I know many of you are traveling and having adventures as well, and it’s Springtime in the Rockies. So . . .
      Although my life is a whirlwind right now, let’s all remember to BREATHE throughout each day.

And how about SMILING at a friend or even someone you don’t know, like the clerk at the grocery store . . . or giving some food to a homeless person . . . just for fun.

My love to you all,    Kathleen  

The Adventures of Life and Love

February 16, 2019The Adventures of Life and Love Dear Friends and Family,     I’m a bit behind in writing this newsletter. Life has been such an exciting world of change for me lately and I find myself jotting down some thoughts to share, and a day later, whatever I was wanting to share is all different. Is anyone else experiencing this?

One of the things I wanted to tell you was about what a wonderful trip I had with my daughter, Shawna, and reconnecting with my sister, Sharon, in my home town of Grass Valley in California. Here Shawna and I are having fun at a local town Christmas festival.

The three of us went to lunch and talked of many things. It felt so good to have this time with my family and it opened my heart to reconnect with my sister!

     Now back home, I took a walk with a couple of lady friends. Julia, I have known for years (and she helps me get this newsletter out), and Ana, who has just moved to town and another friend gave her my number because she was looking for some hiking buddies. As we walked and talked, we learned she was a lady truck driver! And before that, she was a Psychologist! Pretty interesting, right?
     Well . . . walking and talking we also realized she was quite intuitive. I was sharing with them both a challenge I’ve been working with, lately, in working with a tooth Infection. I shared about various dietary changes I’ve had to make (off all sugar . . . arrg), special vitamins and supplements, essential oils, and a number of appointments with different medical practitioners. Suddenly Ana stopped in the trail, looked at me deeply, and said: “Have you had any big decisions to make lately? Anything you’ve had to be decisive and incisive about?”       I saw Julia start to grin as she said quietly:“You better tell her.”

Hesitatingly I said: “Um, well . . . I’m 76 years old and I just GOT ENGAGED!”
     Yup, you heard it right. My dear friend, and upstairs housemate, Robert King, asked me to marry him on New Year’s Eve, 2019! And I said: “YES!”
     Ana nodded and said: “Teeth are about being incisive and decisive . . . incisors, right?”

      Well, it’s been a bit unnerving to think of myself as Kathleen King, when I’ve been Kathleen Morrow for over fifty years and my brain has been flopping around with questions like: How much will I have to change?
     So we’re seeing a wonderful marriage counselor, Sandra Felt, to help us through each piece as it comes up and we’re slowly and surely taking steps towards a quiet marriage, probably in late fall. So far, all our friends who hear about it, give us a huge, excited THUMBS UP, so, we’re thinking that despite our personal apprehension, WE MUST BE DOING THE RIGHT THING!    Whoohoo!

      So life continues with all it’s adventure. Here’s a couple more: On May 1st, this year, my cousin, Elaine, and I are heading east for a couple of weeks of exploring IRELAND! She’s never been there, and after some research, we’ve found out we’re 44% Irish. We’re going to kiss the Blarney Stone, admire the Cliffs of Mohr, and maybe even find an ancestor or two.

Then, July 20th, Robert and I will fly to San Francisco to celebrate his son, Paul’s, first and exciting wedding to a beautiful lady from Taiwan, YaHuei.
      When the ceremony is over and the happy couple has left for their honeymoon, Robert and I will head for my homelands in Northern California to explore and maybe see some family for a few days, then head for Petaluma, California, to meet my long time Spiritual Teacher who’s flying in from India. Yay!
      And, finally, we’ll head home again, to be back by August 1st.       Doesn’t this sound like some great adventures?

     So, yes, I’m having some fun . . . but, no worries. For my friends and clients, I’m not planning to stop working. I’ll be around and booking treatments for all the times in between the trips. Judi will handle the phone calls as usual while I’m gone. Remember, that office number is 719-213-1066. I probably won’t be answering my cell phone while on the road. Judi is such a gem in my life as she carefully keeps my work life organized. And this is the “adventure” of being semi-retired!        So maybe this is enough excitement for now. I promise to keep you posted as things develop . . . and probably share a few pictures.      

My love to you all,  Kathleen

PS. Here’s the Tune-up Schedule for 2019. Give Judi a call to get yourself Tuned-Up!

Social Interaction = JOY

Dear Friends and Soulmates,      I’ve just been lifted and floated through a three-day celebration of one of the best birthdays of my life. Friends from everywhere sang to me, shared meals and hugged and loved on me! Oh my God! I start to cry joyful tears every time I reminisce on any part of it. And, as the tears fall, I know beyond a doubt: I AM LOVED! THANK YOU FOREVER!             Now the next page . . . MERRY CHRISTMAS!

     I wish for you a most magnificent Christmas.

The presents, singing, the “breaking of bread” together, and the bonding is what feeds our human souls to their depths. Combine this also with times of deep contemplation/meditation, regular exercise, and returning to good nutrition after each feast and we competently move beyond any pain in our lives.

     Many agree that our world is going through a challenging time right now . . . and our lives can be doing the same thing. Let’s RISE ABOVE in our inner hearts and REACH OUT in clear love. I can tell you from my recent birthday experience, that something has changed in me. There is something there that broke through my old “I’m not enough” pattern. (We all have some deep, old, yucky pattern in there . . . right?) I now feel uplifted and confident, and I know that, together, we humans can get through anything!

 Have only love in your heart for others.The more you see the good in them,The more you will establish good in yourself.Paramahansa YoganandaSo let’s enjoy Christmas and then welcome in the NEW YEAR with LIFE, with LOVE, and with SPIRIT! YES!!!I will be out of town visiting and being with family from December 21st through December 27th . . . then back at my office on the 28th.

     I know that every family has pain just as mine does, yet my heart is so full right now, I’m really looking forward to sharing that love no matter what has gone before. “Intuition” is telling me that this going to be a very special and deep healing Christmas for those of our family still here.

      I pray that each of your Christmases will also be a joyous, bonding, healing experience to complete this year of 2018. Love to you all, Kathleen
P.S. Here are the 2019 Tune-Up dates. I’ll have a card with the dates when I next see you.


It’s been over a month since my last newsletter and I felt it was time to “reach out” to you again.
     Life is an ADVENTURE . . . right?
     Most recently I’ve been studying Death . . . oooooh, scary word! But it doesn’t have to be. It can be Peace, Relief, Freedom! Both of my brothers-in-law; Ray, in Southern Colorado, and Tony, in Northern California, have made their transition in the last several weeks. In wanting to be support and available for my sisters, I’ve watched people get this deep sadness on their faces when they hear about it and say something like: “Oh, I’m so sorry.” It was this reaction in my friends that overwhelmed me when my own husband died . . . almost more than the loss itself. So I’ve been studying: Is there life after death? Where do we go? What’s it feel like? Guess what . . . from great spiritual masters of over 100 years ago to scientists of today . . . they all agree that DEATH IS FREEDOM/PEACE! Wow! Why then are humans, worldwide, afraid of it? Google: Dr. Oz.com to learn more about; “Life After Death”. He has interviewed people with “Near Death Experiences”, from common people to doctors and scientists, to understand this event that all of us will, one day, experience. My favorite was the Neuroscientist, Dr. Alexander, who didn’t believe any of it till it happened to him.
     In the midst of trips to Southern Colorado and arranging tickets to California to be with my daughter and sisters, I spent 4 days at a Retreat/Workshop with one of my favorite teachers, Mel Stahl. She put it together at a beautiful center in New Mexico, Rass Mandal. The focus was on what she called: “Harmonizing Coaching; cultivating a healthy foundation of self-awareness a
nd self-esteem”. Oh, we were so nurtured in every way! It was the perfect “RESPITE” that I needed right then. I traveled with Cathy, a fun, feisty Mom from Boulder. 
We bonded in the work, and then, on the way home, passing Santa Fe, we decided to visit a place called Meow Wolf. She promised me it would blow my mind.  Oh my God! It did! It was a type of Amusement/Imagination center where you stepped or crawled into closets, refrigerators, clothes dryers, or fireplaces into different lands of total imagination; with mirrors, brilliant colored trees, dinosaurs where you could play tunes on their ribs, lights that played different tones when they touched you . . . and on and on. We laughed and danced there for a couple of hours, ate lunch under a giant spider, and finally headed home, giggling and filled with a playful joy.
      This world we live in can be pain and can be amazing joy, right? I guess I’m not ready to leave it yet.
     So, here I am in Semi-Retirement and, just as it was predicted, I’m busier than ever. I guess it’ll take a couple of years to learn to say “No” to at least some of the exciting things that I never had time to explore when I was working all the time.
     One “work event” that I’m really enjoying is TuneUp Day, when old friends, clients, and students show up for tea, healthy popcorn, and half hour treatments once a month, just to check in on, and kick-start their health and bodies. It’s quite an affordable gift to yourself at $30, and happens on the first Friday of each month. If you’ve ever had a treatment or been a student of mine in the past, I invite you to join us for re-connection and a treatment on TuneUp Day.   The next one coming up is December 7th . . . MY BIRTHDAY! Call 719-213-1066 to schedule and Judi will call you back. Of course I expect to be sung to on my birthday! Hope to see you.
     Now, I’m taking a poll. Last year I raised my rates just $5 to be $95 for a full hour and a half treatment in Craniosacral, Lymphatic, Polarity, Massage, Essential Oils, or a combo of all . . . with a discount for children, and seniors over 65 years. Now I ask you: Is this too much for you? Because, if it is, I’ll drop the extra $5. My life goal is to help not hinder the people in my life. Let me know in a response to this email. Thanks.

Just to be clear, TuneUps will still be $30.00.

     So that’s it for now. I’m slow at email and computer stuff, but will do my best to stay in touch. Sending a giant hug and joyful smile to all of you. And remember, research “death”. I promise it’s not horrible.
                                                Ever Warmly Yours, Kathleen

Our Inner Gyroscope

Has your summer been a wild ride as mine has?? . . . sometimes exciting . . . sometimes excruciating . . . but all passing quickly. Sometimes I watch the plans of every day change, fall apart, reframe to a point of never knowing from moment to moment what’s next. Sound at all familiar? In the last few weeks I’ve also heard from three close family members about the severe illness or even eminent deaths of their spouses or father.  
Then, the other side of that for me was becoming involved in the magic and beauty of the birth of a friend’s baby!  
Once again . . .” polar opposite” experiences. “What the heck is going on?” my heart yelled at Spirit. Then a newsletter arrived from my favorite astrologer, David Pond. He said : “Seven planets were retrograde, three eclipses, and Mars retrograde squaring Mars led to a very confusing summer that caused many of us to lose our inner gyroscope setting in very humbling ways. Whew!” Thank you, David. I feel validated, as I’ve always believed that we humans are very much affected and connected with the Universe around. “The Native American people have always known and respected this.” was the comment from dear Lakota friend, Vivian Rice. Do we really believe we can continue trashing our home planet and Spirit will not grumble?
     But then, the other side of the story is these surprise and sometimes deep connections with other humans. For instance, yesterday, I was huffing and puffing up the Manitou Incline . . . what’s that? . . . oh, just 2,744 steps up the side of a mountain leading to Pikes Peak, gaining 2000 feet in elevation. It’s a favorite adventure and workout for local athletes and even whole families. So I don’t run it as top athletes do. I huff and puff but keep going, “slow and steady” is the goal. So here comes a young man running down. He stops, grins at me with my white hair, gives me a thumbs up, and says: “One step at a time . . . just like life!”  I was deeply touched by that comment.
     For an adventure: Many of you knew I was working for several months to get onto the volunteer team for the Pikes Peak Marathon and Ascent at Barr Camp – six miles up the mountain. Well, I made it! Oh what fun, adventure, challenge . . . from the wild jeep ride up Bob’s Road, then the two mile backpacking trip with the team on up to Barr Camp, then setting up to take care of 2800 runners with food, liquids, First Aide, bathrooms, etc. We had a 6:00 am surprise when the announcement came that the first race; the Ascent, would end at Barr Camp because of weather and lack of shelter at the top. Our team worked together well and we scrambled to change all the food tables setup, put up a clear finish line, made a loop to guide the runners thru Barr Camp and back out onto the trail further down to head for the bottom. I got to be a “Greeter”, welcoming/congratulating/guiding runners to the food, First Aide, bathrooms, etc., then guiding them back out to the trail down. Here I am with Christina from Flight For Life at Barr Camp. FUN FUN!
     Well, those are my thoughts for the day. I’m trying to be a GOOD GIRL and pick up my emails once a week instead of once a month. So if you respond and connect with your thoughts, I’ll do my best to reply.  
     For calls, again my office number is 719-213-1066 for appointments and business stuff. (Judi picks it up a couple of times a day), and, for personal, I do best with texting at 719-684-0112. For 
yo u folks that are local, I’m at the office Thursday afternoons, and all day Friday doing Lymphatic, Craniosacral, Essential Oil, Polarity, and Massage bodywork. And for Craniosacral in the water, I’m at the beautiful Sunwater Spa; 719-695-7007, all day Wednesday, and then Thursday mornings.
     Thank you so so much for being in my life!! My heart is open as your faces cross my mind and I remember to take those “One step at a time” carefully and gratefully.
                                                                                                             Love, Kathleen