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Support Our Species

September 15, 2020
Support Our Species

Dear Friends and Family,
Once again, I’m sitting in my favorite meditation chair, watching the birds outside hopping around on t  he porch, and . . . WATCHING OUR FIRST FALL SNOW!
Has summer really passed already? Well, it took a snowfall to stop my “gallivanting”, stay home, get on my computer, and see what else is happening in the world.

     Are we living in a wild time or what! And the learning curve for us 70+ year olds is huge. For the last 30 years I’ve watched technology grow and young folks take to it like “ducks to water.” . . . but not us elders. I confess I was/am a bit scared by it. I struggled to learn the many new programs on my computer, but, oh, I would always rather take a hike than answer emails . . . and I didn’t  know how to text. Then I received an iPhone in the mail with a note from my daughter, Shawna: “Mom, I’m getting too busy to talk on the phone much. You need to learn to text. Here’s a phone to do it on.” And so I learned. (Don’t we owe much to our “techie” children!)
I’m good at it now, but, hey, look at technology now!
       Everything is VIRTUAL!

    I just got off an amazing, incredible, international Biodynamic Craniosacral Conference on ZOOM! Oh my God! The teachers and attendees were from all over the world. And the healing was powerful. The connections were deep. Who ever would have thought I/we could do it? Zooming, chatting, having deep Breakout Room discussions . . . while the birds and squirrels hopped around just outside my screen door.

     The most powerful experience for me in the conference was a Breakout Session with three of us from different countries, “virtually” holding and supporting each other’s births. My re-birthing experiences have always been a feeling of huge physical pressure  on my body, feeling a sadness and fear in my parents, culminating in a blasting out through the birth canal with right fist overhead and a powerful mental pattern of: “I have to save my parents!” Birth expert, Ray Castillino called it: “Joan of Arc”. This time it was so different. I clearly felt the two practitioners holding and loving me. They morphed into representing mom and dad. At one point I felt them looking at me with love and pride in their eyes, then look up at each other with a deep gaze of love, and I knew that I no longer needed to blast out to help them. I relaxed and flowed with mom’s body. Then I was out and being softly held by both of them. Joan of Arc was no longer needed! Each time I remember this in my consistently busy life, I slow down, breathe, and feel my heart open.

    Could this be a lesson for us all at this time? Can we use COVID-19 to open our hearts to each other, and
in that HEALTH expression feel ourselves SLOW DOWN, so we can FEEL/SUPPORT those around us? Can we be an instrument in creating a “WE”? in our world . . . i.e.: ATTUNEMENT, PRESENCE, WARMTH?
    A New Zealand bulletin board we were shown, announces: “BE CALM. BE KIND”.
   Darwin says: “The species that is most cooperative is the species that survives.”
    One of our final speakers, Ellen Grosser, in Spain, suggested a global attitude: “My truth does not have to be your truth. We can exchange opinions, and CONSTANTLY CHOOSE LOVE.”
    Thank you, Shawn Gallaway, for your beautiful, award winning song: “I Choose Love”. I play and sing it constantly. (https://youtu.be/R74yx4ConVc)

     And thank you to the Biodynamic Craniosacral conference committee who worked hard to put together and present to the world, a potentially world-changing meeting and conference. It has changed me.
     If you’re interested in more, visit: www.craniosacraltherapy.org . . . then choose: BCTA/NA.
I am still working out of my home office. And I would like to remind you that I am working for donation only, especially for pregnant women.
     So we expand and explode into our changing world with open hearts and eyes and have an opportunity to grow as a species. Will you take the challenge? I am.

                                                Love and warmth, Kathleen



Well, here’s the update of Sharing Inner Health since our last newsletter . . . just in case you haven’t called the office (213-1066) and listened to my message there.
     The owner of my office building, Heart of Manitou, has been wanting to retire for years, and now, with the shutdowns, has taken that step and will not be reopening the building! I was in shock at first . . . called around Manitou . . . no other office was available.
      I finally pulled a Tarot card in hopes of guidance. It said so strongly: STOP! REFLECT! THE ANSWER WILL BE IN FRONT OF YOU WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT.
     So I talked to Robert, took some long hikes in our spring-blossoming mountains, and the answer came.
     For a month I’ve been working, on a donation basis, with several long time friends/clients when they really needed it, out of the downstairs apartment of our home in Green Mountain Falls (GMF). It’s such a lovely place with a short drive through beautiful Ute Pass from Colorado Springs, and has a private entrance and plenty of parking.


I wear a mask and require others do also. I disinfect and wash everything before and after each person and the people  coming have loved the experience!
      One husband, while waiting outside, watched a magpie hop onto the back of a deer, and ride there as the herd wandered through our back yard. When folks come they often plan enough time to wander down to the lake in town and admire the baby goslings there . . . or even hike up one of our great mountain trails. (GMF was written up in a large CO newspaper as ranking at the top of the list for the 500+ trails in CO.)
      And the decision was made for me. With Robert’s support, I have started WORKING ONE DAY A WEEK, FRIDAY, out of our home.
     While this crazy “Pandemic” is going on, I am only requesting donation for my services, as I mostly just want to help us all get through this time . . . TOGETHER.
      So there you have it. My office number is going away, so please call my personal number; 719-684-0112 for an appointment. Robert will no longer be sending out reminders . . . but I will.
     Speaking of Robert, a number of you know he hurt his back two weeks ago. As he’s been in ongoing pain with it and we have been spending a lot of time in doctor’s offices and the local hospitals, getting x-rays, and CAT scans, and MRI’s done to find out what is going on. It turns out he has two fractured vertebrae in his mid-back.
     It’s been “a journey”, but now we know exactly what we’re working with and have about decided to do this surgery called: KyphoPlasti. It will shorten recovery time by a month and will protect his spine from any further breakage.We’re still researching so if you know anything about it, please let us know.
     A very heartwarming thing for us is to see so many people “stepping up to the plate” to help us. His Buddhist teacher, Sarah, was waiting outside the doctor’s office this morning with two soups she had made to help us cover meals during this time. My neighbor, Rebecca, is going to follow me on my motorcycle, to the repair place 30 minutes away, to make sure I get home, since Robert can’t do it. Robert’s whole Buddhist group is checking in daily to see how they can help.
     So onward. Regarding the opening of my HOME OFFICE, I love seeing old friends and sharing our beautiful mountains with you.
     As the world slowly searches for BALANCE . . . let’s each of us find BALANCE IN OURSELVES . . . work, play, rest, contemplation, doing what we can to help others in various ways. WE ARE HUMANS! WE ARE THE SPECIES THAT HAS NEVER GONE EXTINCT . . . BECAUSE WE KNOW HOW TO PULL TOGETHER!
     I am sharing a link to a song from a favorite friend, Shawn Gallaway, to help you find BALANCE in your own life.
      The uprisings are beginning to calm, as we connect and inspire each other across the world. Together, we will rediscover BALANCE in ourselves . . . our countries . . . our planet. WE CAN DO IT!
                                   With love and warmth, 

In The Balance – Shawn Gallaway
https://youtu.be/ujWuB12G-toIn the balance

In the balance
Brothers and sisters, now
I’ve made my choice
To walk with honor
Myself employ

I will dance in the spectrum of emotion
From the center I see red, yellow, black, white
One love
One light

In the balance love is born
In the womb of eternity
A physical universe
Where spiritual awareness breaths

In the balance of a child
Playing with creation
Color in my dreams
With the power of peace

In the balance
The moment grows
In the balance
Is love’s eternal flow
In the balance

One heart
One mind
One light
Let it shine
Let it shine

We Will Be Reborn

May 4, 2020

My Dear Friends and Family,
     In my last newsletter I shared a beautiful Italian song by Roby Facchinetti; “I’ll Be Reborn, You’ll Be Reborn”,
found On YouTube. I hadn’t realized the language was Italian, until I received a call from my sister, Sharon, who’s very Italian husband has recently passed away. She shared that the song gave her a DEEP, HEALING CRY! Yes, despite what we were taught as children . . . that tears show weakness . . . it’s not true!
       Crying is a sinking into our human soul, sharing/releasing the pain we all can hold there, so our hearts can open, we connect with each other and the deep, spiritual soul within ourselves.

     So, in this spirit, Sharon started researching a translation for the song, and sent it to me. As you read it below, you’ll see how absolutely perfect it is for this time of world change we are in right now! Enjoy it . . . AND LET YOURSELF CRY!
    Thank you, Sharon, for your courage and open heart.

     Then, David Pond, our Astrologer, had some insights
to share.He says: “Planet, Mercury, has moved into Taurus. Taurus represents the natural world; the Earth . . . which is FLOURISHING DURING THIS CRISIS.
Our precious “normal” was out of alignment with
the natural world and we were in an evolutionary crisis before the virus. Humans are the first species that can choose not
to go extinct – may we use this moratorium on our normal lives to make the necessary adjustments to become better stewards of the earth and it’s creatures.”
     Perfect! Right?  

      So Robert and I are staying healthy, getting outside in safe places for fresh air, exercise, and soul inspiration, and . . . we are
ALWAYS WEARING OUR MASKS AND GLOVES!  We’ve noticed so many people and families out on the trails, passing each other, and not wearing masks. Oh please wear your mask. You can pull it down when others are not around, then put it up over your nose when anywhere near others, especially children. PLEASE!

     I still do not have government permission to do any “hands on work” yet. SunWater Spa, Heart of Manitou and other therapy offices in Manitou Springs do not plan on opening until June, but I’ve had calls from old friends and clients in emotional/ physical pain . . . have fallen and damaged themselves in some way, or are struggling with an Immune System problem (not Coronavirus), so I’ve decided to work with “medical emergencies” in people I’ve known and worked with before. There is no office space available in Manitou, so, if people wear a mask, and are willing to come to my home in Green Mountain Falls, I will do treatments in our downstairs apartment, on a donation basis. Call 719-684-0112.

     Also our monthly TUNEUP DAY has NOW BEEN POSTPONED to JUNE 5TH.

     I so miss you all and look forward to reconnecting. In the meantime, my “woo woo intuition” (as David Pond calls it) tells me that this is a very special time . . .
        A time to be introspective, alert,   
                                              and paying attention.

     I wish this for you. And may we learn much in this ever changing human crisis. Enjoy the words below.
     Love and Virtual Hugs,  

“Rinascero, Rinasceraia”
I’ll Be Reborn, You’ll Be Reborn” by Roby Facchinetti

I’ll be reborn, You’ll be reborn.
When everything is over,
We will see the stars again.
I’ll be reborn, You’ll be reborn.
The storm that holds us in it’s grip
Bends us, but it will not break us.
We were born to challenge fate,
And each time it was us who won.
These days will change our days,
But this time we’ll learn a bit more.
I’ll be reborn, You’ll be reborn.
Embraced by great skies,
We’ll trust in God again.
In the silence we breathe new air.
I’m scared for this city of mine,
But we were born to fight fate
And each time it was us who won.
I’ll be reborn….you’ll be reborn.
Here are the Tune-Up Days for 2020.
May Tune-up has been Canceled. See you in June.

We Have Time

April 2,2020
My Dear Friends and Family,
   I’m home, looking out the window at another beautiful spring day . . . getting set to head out on a hike into the mountains as I’m doing every day lately. What a great beginning to any day! And yet, there is a deep sadness in my heart.
    Today would usually be a day I’d be heading to Sunwater Spa, or my office. I’d be seeing old and new friends and using my forty-five years of training and skills to help people function well in their worlds. But no, here I am “taking care  of only myself!”
    And my “caretaker mind” struggles with this picture. I think many of us are having to look at our patterns, and who we think we are, and make changes in ourselves . . . in our lives. 
   I’m having one of my “GUT” feelings that there’s some bigger reason for this “pandemic” and the churning and struggling we are all experiencing. We won’t know, probably, till it’s over, but it’s obvious that there was a need for global change in humankind.
   Three or four weeks ago, I pulled a card from my Tarot deck (just for fun), and was called: “Centering; now may be the calm before the storm. (Duh) This is a time for deep, quiet reflection; a time to pause and gather yourself, your center, your abundant strength.”
   Well I didn’t know what was about to come, but I spent some extra time in meditation, took some long walks in the woods, and it worked. Though emotions come up, they actually pass through pretty quickly. Try it.
   A number of you have asked about my step daughter, Shilah, in Nashville, TN.
   She was hit with a “double whammy” in her life, starting with the tornado on March 3rd. Then, two weeks later she was diagnosed with Coronavirus and quarantined!
   Thank God, she’s a strong 51-year-old woman, and has rebounded, gotten well, and is coming out of quarantine. These are her words:
” We don’t have the answers. We’re in fear. It’s OK . . . CRY! All we can do is one day. Wake up and do what you can in that day!”
   And that’s what she’s doing.
So, onward. As you know, I’m forbidden by Government at this time, to do any “touch therapy” and have had to postpone everything until May (fingers crossed).
   However, since one of my certifications is in TRAUMA RELEASE THERAPY”, I offer that if you need to talk to someone about your challenges these days, give me a call Monday to Friday. I might be able to help. My number is 719-213-1066, and there will be no charge. My goal right now is to STAY IN TOUCH.
   To help us all, here’s from David Pond, Astrologer: “Will
yourself into some Healthy activity to develop your physical and mental health. Start a craft, get back to that instrument you wanted to learn, get to a project that you’ve had on the ‘back burner’.
   Hey, WE HAVE TIME!”
   “Rinasceró, rinascerai” by Danilo Ballo is a song born in support of the coronavirus emergency, especially for the city of Bergamo seriously affected by Covid-19, all the proceeds from downloads, copyrights and editorial rights will be totally donated to the hospital Papa Giovanni XXIII in Bergamo for the purchase of medical equipment. Click on the link to listen: https://youtu.be/D5DhJS5hGWc
   Staying in touch and sending warmth,     
Here are the Tune-Up Days for 2020.
April Tune-up has been Canceled. See you in May.  

Happy St Patrick’s Day

    It’s strange times around the world right now.
   Hmmm, do you think St. Patrick is watching from wherever he is?
    As I watch “FEAR” growing steadily across our country, and now, close around me, I’m getting to practice everything I ever preached about positive outlook, anchoring, breathing . . . etc. Schools, Senior Centers, St. Pat Day parades, and the Sunwater Spa where I work are all closed down to protect children/parents,, employees, guests, and all people to keep them from bumping elbows and catching a virus. And its just when my Irish dance group, Mountain Eire, after weeks of practice, was stepping out to do seventeen dance performances all over 2 counties, celebrating, and bringing “smiles” to this Irish celebration. It’s all cancelled now.
    Many of you are also experiencing the shock of what’s being called “a pandemic”, so I’d like offer some of the expertise of people I highly respect.
    First, from a long time friend and dentist in Mexico; Dr. Cinthya Duarte, calls this “a mediatic alarm” . . . mostly about what the media is spreading. “I have contact with many MDs”, she says, “We agree; just be safe. Don’t kiss anyone you don’t know, wash your hands, don’t touch your face, and drink a lot of water.”
      As of yesterday, at the strong suggestion of 2 doctor friends, plus my daughter, Shawna, I’ve had to cancel this week’s long planned trip to Mexico to see Dr. Cinthya. Their concern isn’t just for me. Being in airports for several hours could expose me to something I’d bring home to Robert. At 84 years, he’s considered very vulnerable.
    Now I’d like to share with you the words of David Pond, well known Astrologer. He says: “The full moon, an extra large supermoon, occurred last Monday in health conscious Virgo, bringing the collective awareness of coronavirus to a peak. With the moon opposite highly imaginative Neptune in conjunction with Pisces, the susceptibility to fear is off the top of the charts! The virus feeds on FEAR, which generates
    “Fear and Faith are flip sides of the coin of Imagination, and the one you feed will grow . . . FEED YOUR FAITH.”
    Finally, NBC News interviewed a Psychologist Friday night. His emphasis was on understanding two things:
       1. Fear is a natural, Sympathetic Nervous System response to danger. This is the Fight/Flight/Freeze Nervous System all mammals and reptiles have . . . it alerts and protects us.
       2. His other point was that humans are a HERD SPECIES. If there is danger the whole herd will protect and defend . . . hence all the decisions, worldwide, to stay home and cancel travel, school, shopping, going to the gym, even church until the herd, as a whole, feels safe and protected by our leaders.
    Oh what an interesting time! It’s a perfect and powerful reminder to practice STAYING PRESENT! . . . TAKE ONE THING AT A TIME, and, if we have to go out to Walmart, Safeway, Costco, or any place that has a lot of worried humans . . . Oh please . . . ANCHOR!  Feel/imagine a strong cord stretching from the base of the tailbone deep into the ground below, and attaching itself there. Now feel/imagine another cord extending from the middle back of your skull, and stretching diagonally backwards and down, deep into the earth. Attach that cord there. This is the line that pulls us upright and away from what’s right in front of us, and gives us “PERSPECTIVE” on whatever is there.
    Try it. You’ll be surprised at how effective these tools are!
 So I just found out yesterday that:
       1. SunWater Spa is closed until further notice.
       2. Heart of Manitou (where my private office is) has closed the building until further notice.
       3. So I took a drive above the clouds to the top of Pikes Peak to dance and released my heart.

    Now I’m reaching out to friends who have building space to find a clean office I can work out of for a couple of days a week. Robert and I will be calling to update anyone who is already signed up for a treatment. Please stay in touch . . . especially if you need to talk to someone. My home number is 719-684-0112. I will make myself available.
    Let’s all stay well and enjoy this respite in our usually full life.     
 Sending Warmth and HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY,                                                                                        Kathleen