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Happy New Decade!

January 7, 2020
Dear Friends, Family, and Clients All,
     Here’s a Cosmic Beginning: As I sit here in Memorial Hospital waiting for an Ultrasound on my varicose veins as I do some New Year physical check-ins, I’m struck by the humans around me . . . some barely able to walk, others in wheelchairs, bent over, their caregiver describing to the staff about the heart attack that just happened. My heart is starting to pump faster as a nervous fear builds . . . at 77 years that could be me! Then I open my beautiful “Inner Reflections” appointment book and read this piece by Paranahansa Yogananda:

         “Whether floating in birth, or disappearing in death,
          In the ocean of cosmic awareness
          the bubble of my life cannot die.
          I am indestructible consciousness
          Protected in the bosom of Spirit.”

   Ahhhhh, my heart settles as I do a few rounds of my mantra and reconnect with Spirit. Then, after a couple of hours of testing my veins with Hank, the capable vascular technician, I walk out of the hospital smiling and nodding at the people in pain . . . thanking the staff for their compassion . . . and watching smiles light the faces of almost everyone. And it’s off to the rest of my day. All is well.
     So I’m sure you want to hear about my trip to Peru with my beloved daughter, Shawna.
     Oh, it was all that I’d dreamed of . . . breathtaking beauty, fascinating stories and history of the culture, connection with Shawna, physical exercise and also more than I’d bargained for on the rocky incline of the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. I call it: The Manitou Incline X 10!
It was built by generations of strong short mountain people; the Incas.
The air is different there, so, though I live at 8,000 feet, I was gasping for air at 6,000 feet. Shawna and our great tour guide, James, were kind enough to carry my pack . . . with James insisting that I stop every 5 steps and breathe. It worked. I drank water constantly and . . . I MADE IT TO THE TOP!


    At 77 years I feel embarrassed to admit to being embarrassed that I couldn’t keep up with the 20 year olds . . . but everyone on the tour was kind, helpful, supporting so, two days later, when we started up 15,000 foot Rainbow Mountain, I TOOK A HORSE!
    With a horse named Eva, and a strong Inca man, who runs with Eva up the mountain several times a day, the adventure was a miracle of fun. Most of the others, including Shawna, got sick with the altitude, and I did not. Plenty of water, the Incan Coca tea, and with a horse between my legs . . . I was fine.
    This all came about because Shawna is in training with a company that teaches people with various online businesses to be able to work with foreign countries. Shawna is a Spa Consultant and speaks fluid Spanish, hence South America. The group started in Ecuador, then Peru, now Chile, and finally Mexico, with a month in each country.
They are fed, housed, introduce
d to the people and culture through various tours like Machu Picchu, and trained to work their businesses online for that culture.
     As Mama, it opened my heart to see Shawna taking to it like a “duck to water” and even winning a Bingo game of questions about the culture.
     So now, it’s onward into the NEW DECADE!
Robert and I have had three and one half months to relearn the life of MARRIAGE. It’s not always easy, but we’re convinced we did the right thing. I’ve never had a husband so kind, supportive, safe, and fun. In two weeks we’re heading for Mexico together to see my favorite dentist, Cinthya, and do some exploring around that country.
     Yes, I’m still working three days a week; Wednesday thru Friday, offering Craniosacral, Lymphatic, Essential Oils Raindrop, Massage, and some Somato Trauma Release therapies. I LOVE MY WORK! My example is Dear Vivian Rice; now 92 years old, and still working.
     So, I’ll be at Sunwater Spa, Manitou(Cranial in the water}, and my office; Heart of Manitou through January 17th, then back again January 29th.
     Call that 719-213-1066 number for an appointment. Robert will call you back to schedule an appointment. Right?
And our TuneUp Day schedule has started . . . 1/2 hour treatments on the First Friday of each month for just $30 . . . It’s a perfect “Pick-Me-Up” after a trip, family visit, holiday, or anything stressful to mind/body.
   I love seeing you all and promise to use all my skills to help you to a place of balance and relaxation.
     This is something I’m actively working on in myself . . .
                                                    My love to you all,

Hugs For Christmas

Dear Friends and Family,
Well, I am leaving for Peru in less than a week and I am so excited I can hardly stand still!
Travel in South America has been on my bucket list for years, so when daughter, Shawna, said: “Hey, Mom, I’m gonna be in Peru. Want to climb Machu Picchu with me ?”
Of course it was a giant . . . YES!!!
So, here I am, just turned 77 years old, about to trek up a mountain or two in South America. No wonder I am dancing around like a kid.
      Machu Picchu lies in the southern hemisphere, 13.164 degrees south of the equator. It is 80 kilometers (50 miles) northwest of Cusco, on the crest of the mountain Machu Picchu, located about 2,430 meters (7,970 feet) above mean sea level, over 1,000 meters (3,300 ft.) lower than Cusco where we start and has an elevation of 3,400 meters (11,200 ft.)
   We are leaving December 16th and it is not a long trip. I’ll be back at work just after Christmas.
     My beloved secretary and new husband, Robert, will manage the phone and make appointments while I am gone.
And I just wanted to say to all of you special people:
And hug each other, everyone you know, and even a few extra folks, for me.
Let’s spread some love around.
See you in the New Year, if not before.
Huge hugs to you all for all the ways you bless my life.
                    Here are the Tune-Up Days for 2020. 



Mrs. Kathleen Morrow-King Is Back!

October 28, 1019
Dear Friends, Family, and Clients All,
    I’m a married woman now!
    Robert and I joined hands and hearts on October 12, with the support of both of our families who came from  all over the US. Along with the love and support from all our friends before the wedding, it was almost overwhelming to take it all in.
Oh, how special this time has been! I remember looking down the table at the beautiful family luncheon, watching both families talking excitedly, exchanging phone numbers . . . BONDING . . . and I was so touched by it all.
    So then, after spending an extra couple of days
with family, we took off for a magical ELKTOBER in Estes Park, Colorado. Those magnificent beasts were everywhere. I even got to watch a herd of females swim out to a small island in the middle of Lake Estes and start to run around, jumping and kicking in playful abandon.    
We stayed at the DAO House outside Estes, where Chen,  owner of the  lodge and a Daoist, Chi Gung, and Tai Chi master of many years welcomed us. He
cooked for us and we, plus other guests and staff sat by the fire for hours in the evenings, just discussing life. It was so perfect for my Buddhist husband and I.   
    So now I’m back . . . getting used to being a therapist again, as well as a wife.
    I love my work and my people/clients, and Robert supports me in continuing in my business: Sharing Inner Health.  
He supports me so much and he is willing to be my SECRETARY! I guess you all know by now that my beloved long time friend and secretary, Judi Gephart, is selling her place here and moving to Arizona, to continue her BnB business there with the support of her cousin. I’m sad, but happy for her.
And Robert is learning her job and is my new secretary! So interesting the way the Universe works, isn’t it?

    So I’d love to see you folks! 
    If you’re a client, and local, bring this letter and come on in for a SPECIAL CELEBRATION DISCOUNT offer of $20 off your regular full treatment.  Let’s celebrate!  
    Also, we have our usual first Friday of the month coming up; November 1st . . . a half hour TuneUp treatment for $30.
    So hope to see you soon. And have a silly/fun time on Halloween . . . as Robert and I will be, and say “BOO!” to everyone you meet.  
                  Love and a big hug to you,
PS.  There are only 2 Tune-up dates left this year:
November 1st & December 6th.
So give Robert a call to get yourself Tuned-Up!

Adventures and More Adventures

August 18, 2019
    Well . . . WOW! Robert and I are actually getting married! The date is set: October 12, 2019. The place: Bear Creek Nature Center, is reserved. Invitations to family members are out . . . AND THEY’RE ALL COMING!
      A friend, Jesse, is preparing a meal for us. Another friend, Kim, is doing flowers. I went shopping with another friend, Sofia, and bought a wedding dress (very simple-not white), and it’s all happening.
     Two cabins are reserved in Green Mountain Falls to house the family. We even have a great BnB reserved in Estes Park for a honeymoon after we’ve played with the family for a couple of days.
    We bought the rings! Now, its time to get a MARRIAGE LICENSE!
    Sarah, Robert’s Zen teacher, will be officiating, with my dear old friend, Vivian Rice, adding a piece to the ceremony. It’s going to be a small wedding . . . but “DEEP” . . . Something to touch all of our souls.
    Oh, it’s getting very exciting! Who ever would have thought two elders like us, would meet, bond, and finally marry?
    Last night Robert and I went to the four-year anniversary party at Sunwater Spa, where I work part time. We whirled and danced and played with glow sticks, rattles, and growled and howled at the gorgeous full moon above the balcony. I got to see a side of Robert that I don’t see often. Of course we were the oldest ones there, and he was just as goofy and silly as me! Who is this man I’m marrying?? . . . the highly intelligent professor/College Dean . . . the kind, supportive friend . . . the adventure buddy . . . and, I’m finding out . . . the play loving, goofy guy buddy. The more I accept what’s coming to me . . . the more I love him. Sigh.
    So, our California trip . . . it was another WOW!
    We started off playing in San Diego with my daughter, Shawna, exploring, tasting great food on a special street in the downtown.
     Next we flew north to SF/Saratoga Springs for a wonderful, fun, and heart opening wedding for Robert’s son, Paul, and his lovely Taiwan girlfriend, Yahuei. All her family was there . . . many didn’t speak English, so we danced and laughed and did sign language together. Robert was the tall, confident professor, officiating the ceremony and it all ended with Paul and Yahuei running across a wooden bridge in the park while we waved sparklers over them.
    The next day we played with Jennie, Robert’s daughter, and her family in Ghirardelli Square, tasting chocolate and I got kissed by Chewbacca on the street.

The next day Robert and I took off, in our rent-a-car to Grass Valley, in Northern California, my home town.
We stayed at my cousin, Elaine’s, cabin in the woods and spent many wonderful hours sitting on the porch there, reconnecting with cousins, and my sister, Sharon. Some of these family members I haven’t seen in many years, and forgot how much we learned to love each other in our growing up years. 
    So then we were off again . . . heading north in the stunning Redwood National Forest to hug and kiss these incredible, giant “Beings” we call trees. I lived most of my young life in California, and had never seen The Redwoods! I was impressed.
    From there, we drove all the way down the Pacific coastline, staying, sometimes, at hot springs (like Vichy Hot Springs), to nurture our traveling bodies . . .

    Finally arriving at Petaluma, Calif. to meet my spiritual teacher, Baba Ji Gurinder Singh, who had flown in from India.  There were about 5000-6000 people there, and we were so well taken care off . . . fed, housed at Sonoma University, and guided carefully everywhere we needed to be, by about a hundred or so East Indian, Savadars . . . people who have moved to Petaluma because of the large spiritual center there. Robert was quite comfortable with Baba Ji’s talks and said it was all the same teachings as his Zen Buddhist path. And, I got chosen to personally ask Baba Ji a question (at a microphone in front of everyone). I felt deeply touched and “heard” by his answer to me. 
     A seal called to us all night long from a rock in this picture.
     All right, there’s California!
    An awesome trip and adventure with Robert. We did fine together.
     And now I’m back in Colorado . . . back to my three days a week of working with and sharing my long time therapy work with long time friends and clients . . . YOU! I’m so grateful to see you all and to have skills that help people live a richer life. Thank you for caring about me as well.
                                                       With Love and Gratitude,

After Ireland

Dear Friends and Family,

May 2019
After Ireland
Hello Everyone,
      Yes . . . I’m back from Ireland! Everyone asks: “So what was your favorite thing?” I’ve been thinking and feeling about it and have to say: It was the time with my cousin, Elaine. We haven’t played together since we were small children. Now we’re two feisty, independent, Irish women and we got along perfectly! Through adventure, ecstasy, and fear we were there for each other.
       The fear, of course, was learning to drive a stick shift car, seated on the wrong side of the car . . . driving on the wrong side of the road! We took turns driving or navigating and, in doing it together, WE GOT IT DOWN.
     And what was my favorite Irish thing? I’d have to say: THE PEOPLE . . . with their playful, big-hearted spirit. We felt safe and cared about whether we were in a beautiful BnB in the country, or wending our way through the  streets of Dublin on “Hop On Hop Off” buses ,
or in a pub singing and Irish “Jigging” with the excited, happy crowd there, or taking a horse and buggy or bike riding around the Aran Islands, or trying not to look down at the crashing ocean hundreds of feet below us at
Carrick-a-Rede, a rope suspension bridge between islands,
or lying in the thick, green grass on top of Giants Causeway with birds called Gannets flying all around us. Yes, always there were Irish people around checking on us to make sure we were safe and didn’t need anything, and were having a gay time.
The beauty of this country is stunning with the sweet faces of sheep everywhere, watching from the “Hedgerows”.
     We went there looking for our Greenfield ancestors and, in Northern Ireland, we found . . . the GREENFIELD COAT OF ARMS with a mention of our great, great, great grandfather; Samuel Greenfield. We learned there was a small town in the north named after him, but we didn’t have time to go there and, maybe, find some live ancestors, so we vowed to return to Ireland in a year or so, and, MAYBE BRING MORE FAMILY MEMBERS! WANNA GO?? So, IT WAS A PERFECT TRIP . . . to be continued.  
      Now I get to tell you about a wonderful event coming up SUNDAY, JUNE 30, 2019, HERE IN MANITOU SPRINGS, COLORADO.
      We have an amazing and famous artist who has spent his life and career in Manitou; Charles Rockey. (Everyone just calls him Rockey) With his inspiring work and open heart, he has drawn so many artists to this community and helped them to “live their dreams”. The community has built itself a
round him and he is known and loved by all.
      Two years ago, owners of the Sunwater Spa in town, Kat Tudor and Don Goede, helped me sponsor and old friend and musician, Shawn Gallaway, to do a concert here. Shawn and Rockey met, admired each other’s work with the common theme of “Love”, and Shawn wrote a beautiful song about Rockey, which I have since put on a CD.
     Then last year, Shawn came to do another popular concert and, this time many of us joined him in singing “Rockey’s Song”.
     Now, this June, Shawn is coming back, again sponsored by Don and Kat, in a concert called “THE ROCKEY ROAD CONCERT”! Don has also written a song and it will be a huge celebration for our beloved Rockey, who now, at 87 years old, is getting very weak and we don’t know how much longer we’ll have him. Our mayor, Ken, has a special surprise planned, the Chamber of Commerce is “blasting” Facebook and everything online.
      So stay tuned. All advertising is going out this week and we expect to be distributing flyers by Friday. Oh, I’m excited.
     Don’t I have an interesting life??
     I get a bit tired sometimes, but then I always have a soft and safe place to land with my dear fiancée, Robert. We’re just quietly moving ahead on our marriage plans. We have reservations on two cabins for family to stay in while you’re all here, and . . . we bought a KING SIZED BED this week for us! We’ll keep you all posted as October gets closer.
      So Gia Gooch (Gallic for God Bless You) and you’re supposed to say: Gia Mira Gooch (God and Mary bless you). It’s so fun being Irish.
                                Warmly yours,