Well, here’s the update of Sharing Inner Health since our last newsletter . . . just in case you haven’t called the office (213-1066) and listened to my message there.
     The owner of my office building, Heart of Manitou, has been wanting to retire for years, and now, with the shutdowns, has taken that step and will not be reopening the building! I was in shock at first . . . called around Manitou . . . no other office was available.
      I finally pulled a Tarot card in hopes of guidance. It said so strongly: STOP! REFLECT! THE ANSWER WILL BE IN FRONT OF YOU WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT.
     So I talked to Robert, took some long hikes in our spring-blossoming mountains, and the answer came.
     For a month I’ve been working, on a donation basis, with several long time friends/clients when they really needed it, out of the downstairs apartment of our home in Green Mountain Falls (GMF). It’s such a lovely place with a short drive through beautiful Ute Pass from Colorado Springs, and has a private entrance and plenty of parking.


I wear a mask and require others do also. I disinfect and wash everything before and after each person and the people  coming have loved the experience!
      One husband, while waiting outside, watched a magpie hop onto the back of a deer, and ride there as the herd wandered through our back yard. When folks come they often plan enough time to wander down to the lake in town and admire the baby goslings there . . . or even hike up one of our great mountain trails. (GMF was written up in a large CO newspaper as ranking at the top of the list for the 500+ trails in CO.)
      And the decision was made for me. With Robert’s support, I have started WORKING ONE DAY A WEEK, FRIDAY, out of our home.
     While this crazy “Pandemic” is going on, I am only requesting donation for my services, as I mostly just want to help us all get through this time . . . TOGETHER.
      So there you have it. My office number is going away, so please call my personal number; 719-684-0112 for an appointment. Robert will no longer be sending out reminders . . . but I will.
     Speaking of Robert, a number of you know he hurt his back two weeks ago. As he’s been in ongoing pain with it and we have been spending a lot of time in doctor’s offices and the local hospitals, getting x-rays, and CAT scans, and MRI’s done to find out what is going on. It turns out he has two fractured vertebrae in his mid-back.
     It’s been “a journey”, but now we know exactly what we’re working with and have about decided to do this surgery called: KyphoPlasti. It will shorten recovery time by a month and will protect his spine from any further breakage.We’re still researching so if you know anything about it, please let us know.
     A very heartwarming thing for us is to see so many people “stepping up to the plate” to help us. His Buddhist teacher, Sarah, was waiting outside the doctor’s office this morning with two soups she had made to help us cover meals during this time. My neighbor, Rebecca, is going to follow me on my motorcycle, to the repair place 30 minutes away, to make sure I get home, since Robert can’t do it. Robert’s whole Buddhist group is checking in daily to see how they can help.
     So onward. Regarding the opening of my HOME OFFICE, I love seeing old friends and sharing our beautiful mountains with you.
     As the world slowly searches for BALANCE . . . let’s each of us find BALANCE IN OURSELVES . . . work, play, rest, contemplation, doing what we can to help others in various ways. WE ARE HUMANS! WE ARE THE SPECIES THAT HAS NEVER GONE EXTINCT . . . BECAUSE WE KNOW HOW TO PULL TOGETHER!
     I am sharing a link to a song from a favorite friend, Shawn Gallaway, to help you find BALANCE in your own life.
      The uprisings are beginning to calm, as we connect and inspire each other across the world. Together, we will rediscover BALANCE in ourselves . . . our countries . . . our planet. WE CAN DO IT!
                                   With love and warmth, 

In The Balance – Shawn Gallaway the balance

In the balance
Brothers and sisters, now
I’ve made my choice
To walk with honor
Myself employ

I will dance in the spectrum of emotion
From the center I see red, yellow, black, white
One love
One light

In the balance love is born
In the womb of eternity
A physical universe
Where spiritual awareness breaths

In the balance of a child
Playing with creation
Color in my dreams
With the power of peace

In the balance
The moment grows
In the balance
Is love’s eternal flow
In the balance

One heart
One mind
One light
Let it shine
Let it shine

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