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A Blanket of Love Called Snow

A Blanket of Love Called . . . Snow Winter has finally reached Colorado. It has been dark and cold for a week. Now, today, Saturday, February 10th, a layer of white blankets the world around us as I look out the windows of SunWater Spa in Manitou Springs. Each gleaming pine needle is a […]


Holiday Health Support

A STORY:  My friend and housemate, Robert, and I took a walk Friday, out into the pasture lands around Elizabeth, CO. We had had a soothing/nurturing time with his family there the day before…..devouring a luscious Thanksgiving meal, afterwards taking a fun family walk to digest the food, then spent the evening playing games, laughing, […]


Great Heart

Hello Dear Friends and Family,        Yes, I’m alive and well after an exciting first summer of SEMI-RETIREMENT. Oh my God, I think it was the busiest summer I’ve had in years. When people say: “Look out for “Retirement”, you’ll be busier than ever.” . . . well its true!      My last letter […]