Eclipse Season and Travel News

   We’re almost into 2024!  Wow! Where did 2023 go? I wonder if this will be as wild a year as 2023 . . . eclipses, surprises, twelve months of “the unexpected” popping up in all directions. Yet also, many of us decided to do unusual fun things . . . like travel and connect with family not seen in months/years.

     And speaking of unusual happenings, I do hope you all saw and felt the wonder of our recent sun eclipse. Somehow everything got dark in the middle of a bright morning! I managed to find a pair of Solar glasses that I’d last used for some solar wonder about ten years ago. Robert and I were able to directly watch this big ball move slowly across the sun. Nature is so amazing to me! Stay tuned for our next lunar eclipse, October 28th.

   Our astrologer, David Pond, says: “Eclipse seasons often bring situations from your past back into your life to re-examine in the light of your future.” He then talks about the pain in our hearts, and the “storm clouds of war”, and how each of us can become “an emissary for peace by rising above petty judgements of others and cultivating deep acceptance of our differences.”


   Thank you, David. I hope these thoughts touch the hearts of my friends as they did mine.

   I must mention the wonderful BCTA Conference (Biodynamic Craniosacral) that I had the chance to present at in September of this year in gorgeous Estes Park. What a great experience and re-connection of professional friends since before COVID! My presentation went well.  I got to introduce my old friend and mentor, Anna Chitty, who was our keynote speaker.
   The most fun was when our president, Jennifer, asked me to do something right at the beginning, to connect and reintroduce people to each other. So . . . I got everyone walking swiftly around the room, looking down, not connecting with others at all, as I gave them a synopsis of how they were “late for an important conference and were a main speaker”. Then I said “FREEZE!” They felt the tension in their hearts and the disconnect with everyone around them. Then we walked again, with the same stress synopsis . . . but this time looking in people’s eyes as we passed each other . . . SMILING! Again “FREEZE!” What a difference in their hearts and nervous system! And they were so happy to be together.
Try it! It works as a primary Nervous System release!

At the Conference we sang this fun song written by Steve Morrow:

“Smiling is infectious, you catch it like the flu.
When someone smiled at me today, I caught me smiling too.
I walked around the corner then, and someone caught my grin
 It was then I knew, I realized . . . I’d passed it on to him.

 I thought about that smile then, and realized it’s worth
A single smile just like mine can travel round the earth.

 So if you feel a smile begin, don’t leave it undetected
 Let’s start an epidemic now,


    One of the fun things I did this summer, was to visit this fascinating sculpture of RITA near a little mining town called Victor just up the pass from Green Mountain Falls. She represents “Putting the Earth together again.” She is acting as a guardian of the mines there. She was created from all recycled and repurposed wood.

   So here I go again . . . off to India. This time for almost a month and a half!  I’ll be catching a plane to Seattle on November 18th, where I’ll be staying with old friends; Marilyn and Michael. Then, the next day, I hook up with some other old friends; Robert and Carola, and off we go to India together.   We’ll be getting there early . . . before our favorite Spiritual Center; Dera Baba Jaimal Singh, opens. This gives us time to go exploring further south, to a town called; Chattipoor, where our Spiritual teacher will be doing some talks. Next we will be spending a soothing and delicious three weeks at Dera after it opens.

    After that I’ll be heading home. I will arrive in Denver on December 22nd . . . just in time for Christmas with Robert’s family. My sweet husband will be taking me to and from Denver airport and is so supportive of me having this time with my teacher! So many people have helped me put this trip together.


   For those of you wondering . . . Robert will spend most of the time while I’m gone with his daughter’s family near Denver. And several of our good neighbors have offered to check in on him when they see he’s home.

   It’s a busy time for me right now. All the tickets and travel arrangements are done, and now, it’s all about packing, and finding supplies, and preparing for Christmas because there will be no time when I return. Plus, I remember how exhausted I was in other years, after 48 hours in the air. However, this year will be different because I put all my savings together and bought BUSINESS CLASS TICKETS! Everyone says it’s a huge difference and I’ll be able to rest and sleep in lounge chairs in the air, and there will be comfy lounges in stopover airports. Yippee!


  Meantime, here we are at the end of a beautiful, bright summer . . . hiking, biking, playing drums, exploring, connecting, and adventuring into the fall season in this special little “Arts Town” of Green Mountain Falls.

   Put it on your calendars now, to attend the Green Box Arts Festival around July 4th in 2024. It’s really special!

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