Happy New Year 2023

Greetings to my friends all over the world,

I say “all over the world” because I’ve just returned from North India where I met or connected with friends from all over the US, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii, India, England . . . and, then my daughter, Shawna, who I haven’t seen in months, is still in Africa. You are all included in this letter! So . . . HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Everyone that sees me since coming home immediately says: “Tell me about India!”
So let’s start there:
I traveled to the north of India called The Punjab, to a beautiful spiritual center called Radha Soami Satsang, Beas. In English that is Science of the Soul on the Beas River. The colony was started over 100 years ago by a Teacher/Master who was living and meditating in a mud hut by the Beas River. The surrounding villagers heard he was there and started visiting him, listening to his discourses on how/why to meditate . . . to go “inside at the third eye” in order find light and Celestial Sound. They would then ask for “initiation” (the teaching). Many of them came a long way and the teacher wanted to take care of them, so, using his own family money, and his earlier training as an engineer, he started building sheds where they could sleep overnight on hay, and a large free kitchen, or “Langar” where, with the help of Sevadors (volunteers), people would be fed three simple meals a day. The place grew, and Grew, and GREW! Now, in 2023, when I was there, there were 320 foreigners from all over the world in our own special compound . . . with our own “Langar”, and FLUSH TOILETS! On the weekends about 500,000 Indian people show up to hear him speak and ask for “initiation”. I know . . . it’s huge!

The teacher now, who was appointed by the Master/Teacher before him, has asked us to call him Baba Ji, which means “Brother”. He’s the kindest and most perfect teacher and friend.
In the village to begin, everyone turns in their cell phones . . . so no photos during the time I was there. The siren will go off every morning for meditation time, at 3 am. After meditation everyone goes to breakfast. Then we foreigners start walking the mile through the tree lined village to a giant open tent called Mande Pandal where everyone (foreigners and Indians) sit, cross legged, on the ground to hear him speak. Every evening he would come to the Foreigners Compound to again speak and give us an opportunity to ask him spiritual questions.
A major high point for me was when I told him it was my eightieth birthday in two days, and my body was having trouble sitting cross legged for two hours of meditation. His response was: “WHAT! YOU’RE EIGHTY?? YOU LOOK LIKE FORTY!” Then he gave me some guidance on finding a new position. For the rest of the week, people were coming up to me to wish me: “Happy Fortieth Birthday!”

So, the whole time there was a beautiful reconnect with old friends, and validation of that place in my heart that has known all my life that there’s more to us humans than simply existing on this plane. 
The month there was deeply nurturing for my heart and soul. I felt completely safe, comfortable (I was given my very own room with a bed and bathroom), and I could easily have lived there the rest of my life.

But no, too many people around the world were waiting for their turn to come, and . . . I have a husband at home, waiting for my return. So, after three weeks, we packed up and were taken to the train or the airport to head back to our countries.

The trip home was exhausting and miraculous as we spent forty-eight hours watching our Lufthansa plane go up and over the North Pole, down across Alaska, Canada, and into Germany . . . then on to Denver, Colorado . . . and all this to avoid the huge storm that was sweeping across the USA that very day. I was “a mess” by the time we reached Denver airport, and was met by my sweet husband, Robert, who got me and my bags into the car, and drove all the way to our home in the mountains, where he put me to bed, and I slept for the next eight hours. WHEW!!!
So there’s the update. I’m home . . . safe and sound, and mostly recovered. I’ve started doing treatments on Fridays again and it’s so so great to see clients who have become LONG TIME FRIENDS. So, call or text if you’d like a treatment. I’d love to see you.

That’s it for now. Soooooo much love to you all, Kathleen

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