Hawaiian Adventure

Dear Friends and Family, ALOHA!

Oh, it was a wonderful experience. We were all seniors (24 of us) traveling with a tour group called: Road Scholars to four different islands: Big Island, Maui, Malokai, and Oahu.
We had great native guides who introduced us to sacred places, trails through the jungle, along beaches, exploration of sometimes active volcanoes.

We got to visit the last sugar plantation, museums, a flower farm, and even Pearl Harbor. On Malokai, we crushed and gobbled nuts at a macadamia nut farm.

Later we hiked to a 28-foot waterfall where I just had to jump in the water. We had some afternoons and one whole day on our own to explore, or rest, or swim/scuba, or go shopping. We were right on the beach so, friend Tina, and I, went boogie boarding.
The focus was on travel education . . . about the land; it’s plants, animals, and all its volcanic upheavals and formations . . . and about the people; their hardiness, resilience, and open-heartedness through years and years of land change, culture change, government change, and even population change.

Everyone asks: “How did Robert do?” At eighty-seven years old, how was he able to do all that? Well, everyone, and especially our main guide, Steve, looked after him. Steve always checked in with him before an activity. If Robert felt it better to sit that one out, Steve would arrange for him to hang out at the hotel, or he could choose to walk down an interesting street, and to reconnect with the group for a meal or a tour of something later. All-in-all Robert was enthusiastic, resilient, and had a great time.

On my favorite island, Malokai, we were in the jungle, surrounded by native trees, so many beautiful flowers, fascinating plants of all kinds, and animals.
Our hotels were beautiful and always in walking distance of something interesting. At one hotel in the jungle there was this feisty wild rooster who woke us up at 4:30 am every morning with loud “cawkadoodledooing” outside our door to demand food.

Speaking of food . . . it was incredible! Even special dishes and desserts were made for me as a vegetarian. I felt so nurtured! And I gained 10 pounds . . .oops. And now we’re home . . . recovering, working to get our brains and bodies back to this time zone. (It was four hours earlier than Colorado on the islands.)
SO WHAT’S NEXT??? Well, just before leaving for Hawaii, I got invited by my daughter, Shawna, to join her and a couple of her best friends on a trip to CANCUN. Yikes! How could I say “NO”? My sweet Robert said: “GO FOR IT!!” So Shawna immediately got plane tickets and reserved a place to stay on ISLA MUJERES! I’M TRAVELING AGAIN IN ONE AND A HALF WEEKS! WOW!

Sometimes life can be an “exploding” and exciting experience and you just don’t want to miss it. I’m so deeply grateful to have so much health and good genes in my seventy ninth year and don’t know how much more time I’ll have to be so active. And with such a supportive, encouraging husband I just have to GO FOR IT. So, I’m resting up and rescheduling a lot of things.
Thank you so much everyone, who has worked with me on all the changes and rescheduling. I think things will begin to settle again as we head into summer. Spring seems to always be such an active time. We humans just follow nature as trees and plants explode into new growth.

MAHALO!! (Hawaiian for thank you)
I’ll be back at my regular Friday appointments by mid-May. Oh, please enjoy the coming weeks, and a potentially awesome Spring, with flowers, wild plants, and curious animals everywhere. Get outside and let the wind blow. I took a walk in the wind today and its wasn’t too cold. It’s so good for us to take deep breaths and move our bodies. Shawna says she wants to go on a scuba diving tour on Isla Mujeres . . . she’s a real outdoor junkie like me, so I’ll be getting out.

See you soon. My Love to you all, Kathleen

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