Holiday Health Support

A STORY:  My friend and housemate, Robert, and I took a walk Friday, out into the pasture lands around Elizabeth, CO. We had had a soothing/nurturing time with his family there the day before…..devouring a luscious Thanksgiving meal, afterwards taking a fun family walk to digest the food, then spent the evening playing games, laughing, and visiting.   Friday, as the family launched into their busy lives, we just took a walk into the countryside before heading for home. And then . . . we spotted a beautiful horse happily munching on pasture grass! Her owner was sitting on the ground near her, “just hangin’ out”. Well, as many of you know, I LOVE HORSES! Astrologically, I’m a December Sagittarius . . . (Horse). So, of course I had to run to the fence to see if she would let me scratch her ears, and her owner, Sandy, came over to greet me. The horse’s name was Lady Gracie. We spent some time petting/ scratching and Sandy explained that they had just moved there to open her Equine Therapy School in this beautiful new place. Excitedly, I told her my Equine Therapy experience of a few years ago where a horse gently wrapped his neck around me, and held me against him as I cried over the recent death of my husband, Steve. I knew he could feel the pain in my heart, and since that time I have been very aware of how intuitive horses are.
        Recently I’ve been separated from all horsey friends and it was very exciting to meet Lady Gracie and hear about Sandy’s work. Suddenly, Sandy asked me when my birthday was.   “December 7th.” I responded. She smiled knowingly at me, saying: “That’s the same day as mine.”   We looked at each other in disbelief . . . then . . . . KNOWING.
        I’ve told you this story, my friends, because these amazing insights and coincidences have been happening in my life more frequently the last couple of years. I’ve started to just expect them.
       At a time when our world/our country seems to be in a place of confusion, violence, and fear…..something else is happening at the same time. Sometimes I think that “the curtain between worlds” is getting very thin. When we are able to be present, positive and “grounded” moment to moment, no matter what’s going on, a PERFECT SYNCHRONICITY AND BEAUTY CAN HAPPEN! TRY IT!
      Take a moment to imagine a cord running from your tailbone deep into the ground below. And now imagine another cord extending from the back of your head, going diagonally down and back into the ground below. When these two cords are in place in your concentration, you can be in a place of calm presence. (From the work of my teacher and mentor, Franklyn Sills, UK). From this perspective, watch yourself and the world around. Be prepared to be amazed as your heart and eyes open in the “safety” found here, and watch as other hearts open around you! Go ahead. Try it. I dare you! It takes practice to remember these anchors as you walk into Safeway or Walmart, or when you receive some scary news, but, I promise you’ll be amazed to watch your life and relationships change and simply sort themselves out.
       Another way to support yourself through the upcoming holiday season is to COME SEE ME! I’m offering a special deal of $15 off my 1 ½ hour treatments from now til January just to help people as much as I can. If you find yourself feeling anxious, can’t sleep, breathing too fast, worrying about things, let me calm your nervous system with Craniosacral Therapy. If you find yourself coughing, sneezing, feeling fatigue, indigestion, constipation, unexplained swelling or rashes, let’s flush and “buck up” your Immune System with Lymphatic Therapy. Or maybe you just need a comforting/soothing massage. We can do a combo of all these treatments . . . throw in some high quality Essential Oil Therapy to deepen the effects and I guarantee you’ll walk out feeling like a different person. Give us a call at 719-213-1066 and my wonderful Secretary, Judy, will call you back shortly to book you in. Then, I will start the New Year off with the slight price increase that I mentioned in the last newsletter. So, come on in now and enjoy our discount and support yourself during the holidays.
      Now . . . I’m sending a big kiss to all of you. There! Did you get it? Have a great Christmas!. . . . or Happy Hanukkah . . . or any way you celebrate this holiday season. 
                                                                        Warm Hugs, Kathleen

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