Hugs For Christmas

Dear Friends and Family,
Well, I am leaving for Peru in less than a week and I am so excited I can hardly stand still!
Travel in South America has been on my bucket list for years, so when daughter, Shawna, said: “Hey, Mom, I’m gonna be in Peru. Want to climb Machu Picchu with me ?”
Of course it was a giant . . . YES!!!
So, here I am, just turned 77 years old, about to trek up a mountain or two in South America. No wonder I am dancing around like a kid.
      Machu Picchu lies in the southern hemisphere, 13.164 degrees south of the equator. It is 80 kilometers (50 miles) northwest of Cusco, on the crest of the mountain Machu Picchu, located about 2,430 meters (7,970 feet) above mean sea level, over 1,000 meters (3,300 ft.) lower than Cusco where we start and has an elevation of 3,400 meters (11,200 ft.)
   We are leaving December 16th and it is not a long trip. I’ll be back at work just after Christmas.
     My beloved secretary and new husband, Robert, will manage the phone and make appointments while I am gone.
And I just wanted to say to all of you special people:
And hug each other, everyone you know, and even a few extra folks, for me.
Let’s spread some love around.
See you in the New Year, if not before.
Huge hugs to you all for all the ways you bless my life.
                    Here are the Tune-Up Days for 2020. 



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