Kathleen Shares Her Spring Adventures

Well, I’ve been sitting in my meditation chair most of the day . . . watching the soft, heavy spring snow float past the window. Our Monday, Girl’s Hike was cancelled, and this afternoon’s Irish dance is cancelled, while God thoroughly waters all the gardens, and all the seeds I planted yesterday. I’m feeling grateful to Spirit, and thoroughly bored as I finish my online Spanish class, make some phone calls, and attempt this letter. Yet, as many of your faces float before me, my heart lifts.
It has been a busy spring beginning. First, I went on a week-long adventure to Arizona in mid April, to visit some old friends there. I was nervous at the beginning of the trip. Robert and I had planned it together, but, two days before our takeoff, he realized his back was still quite sore from surgery he’d had a couple of months earlier and there was no way he could be in the car for the hours it would take to get there. It had been quite awhile since I had traveled by car, a long distance, alone. But Robert, in his usual kind generosity insisted I go . . . and, he would pay all my gas and food. How could I not do it! And, oh, it was wonderful!
Traveling for two days there and, again back, I crossed several Native American reservations and had the good luck to connect with the people there. A strong young Navajo woman was hitchhiking through the desert to visit her mother and sister fifty miles away in another town. Of course I picked her up, gave her a fresh mask, which she put on immediately, and we had a great conversation about her life on “the Res”. She shared so much about her people and the life they had there. It brought tears to my eyes remembering the sad story of “The Trail of Tears” when our government took all the northern lands of the Natives and marched them down, through the blazing desert, to the Four Corners area . . . leaving them there to figure out how to stay alive in desert country.
Then, on the way home a week later, I stayed at a campsite on the Ute Reservation, where I was welcomed by the manager of a large Ute Casino in southern Colorado. I have always wanted to know more about the Ute people, as I have studied their history as a mountain, horseback riding Nation. The manager introduced me to Mel, who knew the Ute history well, and was willing to answer my questions. I felt very accepted among these people.
But before this, heading south, I arrived in Sedona to reconnect and spend time with my old friends, Peter and Yvonne, who took me for a hike into their amazing red rock mountains there. It was a WOW! to peer through the valleys at the shapes and formations of those rocks! We have in Colorado, The Garden of the Gods, with similar formations, but Sedona is much more grandiose and stunning.
But then it was time to head on south to Prescott, Arizona to see my dear old friend and long time secretary, Judi. Ah, it was good to see her and the life she’s made for herself in Arizona. She put me up in her comfortable Air B & B
apartment for several days.
Then, for a fun adventure we traveled up to Sedona again to explore, eat, and ended up taking a wild Pink Jeep Tour into the mountains. It was a “HOLD ON!” as we bounced over three and four foot rocks through the canyons and forests learning the names of the huge rock formations around us, which plants and cactus were edible, and how the Natives blessed this land and considered it sacred . . . (the same as in Garden of Gods).
Later on, back in Prescott, Judi and I had a great Thai dinner with her nephew and his wife who were the reason she moved to Prescott in the first place. They were good people, like Judi herself.
So, it was onward, back north to Colorado and a short blissful stop at Pagosa Hot Springs for a relaxing soak.
Soon after I got home, Robert and I got the exciting news from his son, Paul, and lovely wife, Yahuei, that she had just gone into labor with their FIRST BORN CHILD, MILA!
Paul kept us in touch through each step of the experience, along with his sister, Jenny, and, together, we all spent several days closely watching and supporting the birth of this special baby. I really felt like I was there. Now Mila has safely entered our world. Mom and dad are safe, relieved, tired, and ecstatically happy as they settle into their lives.
Now spring is exploding (except for the snow today). The hummingbirds are back. The irises, crocuses, and sand lilies are peeking out of the ground. It’s time to prep the soil, weed the garden, and shop for tomatoes and flowers.
My hiker buddies are exploring new territory. It is time to take evening walks with Robert, connect again with the Spokes bike riding pals, and “Porch Songs” and drumming with Judy Piazza has started up again. Whew! It’s exciting and a bit overwhelming. On top of all this, I’m getting my Honda Element ready for it’s next car camping trip with Judy, to Utah. All this with the support of my sweet husband, Robert.
The best news of all; Robert is recovering, finally, after a series of health problems! He’s even talking about wanting to go to Hawaii. My favorite Adventure Buddy is coming back into Health and Life. Oh thank God!
So our country (and the world) COVID pandemic, and the fear and depression so many have been suffering from for a year now, seems to be easing just a bit, as millions have received their vaccinations. I feel safer after my shots. 
Are we?? We don’t know. Once again the research has not been done. There are those that are loudly preaching that he vaccine is dangerous and will cause severe health problems down the road. Because of these fears, many are refusing the shots.
Of course this makes them more vulnerable to getting COVID. (Some doctors are saying: “Don’t call it a “vaccination” because it doesn’t work, biologically, like a vaccine. Call it “an injection”.)
And so fear and confusion continue . . . though to a lesser extent . . . until the research is done, and the truth is known once and for all.
Robert and I feel safer, thank God . . . especially since I’ve recently been exposed through a close friend who was diagnosed with COVID shortly after I’d been with her.  Robert and I got tested immediately and we’re both clear.
My spiritual teacher of many years, who we call Baba Ji, was asked a few days ago: “Why is this terrible disease affecting the whole world?” He responded from the huge perspective of how humans, worldwide, have been destroying our planet for centuries. “Do you think that this might be slowing us down . . . making us think?” he asked with a wise smile.
Well, that’s it for now. Yes, I’m still doing my therapy work out of our downstairs apartment one day a week; Friday, and people have been loving the soothing experience of Green Mountain Falls along with their treatment.
I wish for all of you: Health, Safety, and simple Joy in your lives. And I do hope all of you are breathing deeply and finding ways to stay positive during this time.
Love and Warm Hugs,

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