Learning to Take Care of Ourselves

WELL . . . this year is almost complete. Hooray!   Astrologer, David Pond, says: “Keep heart, the end of this heavy energy is close upon us. Put up some holiday lights to lift your spirit, and in general, this is a good week to get your woo-woo on!”
           So it’s definitely been a year of learning, right? I feel close to many of you as we have supported each other through the surprise challenges of the COVID pandemic, ie; loss of jobs, loss of money, separation, loneliness, shutdown schools, concerts, performances, all group gatherings, closing of favorite shops, and sometimes, whole towns . . . and on and on.
It’s not over yet, but thank goodness we humans are an adaptable species. I’ve never been a computer person, but I’m learning! I can now do several meet-ups and classes on Zoom and Facebook, and now, thanks to my computer mentor, Jason Kovach, I’m learning Skype, What’s App, and more communication skills to come.  
Robert and I had a great “Virtual Thanksgiving” meal with his family in San Francisco, and Elizabeth, CO. The computers with Zoom were on all of our tables as we ate, talked, laughed, and played “Thanksgiving Jeopardy”.
Try it for Christmas. It was great fun.
The biggest challenge that has come up for me is the mental/emotional: “Who am I when I’m not doing the work of my life for 45 years??” I’ve developed what my Docs call: “an essential tremor” that has been getting worse and making it hard to write. So I’ve been exploring it recently with my favorite doctors and practitioners to get to the “root cause”. Three practitioners of various modalities have now given me the same feedback. The original cause is a lifelong mental/emotional pattern of: BUSY-NESS!
Does anyone else recognize this in themselves?
I know I’m not alone. Whenever I am challenged by life, I get BUSY with projects, errands, people, or just gallivanting, I feel USEFUL when I’m occupied, doing and accomplishing whatever. As one therapist put it: I fill my mind, which then overflows into emotions (Sympathetic Nervous System), and scamper around trying to ACCOMPLISH. The result is a constant, internal unrest. It’s very difficult for me to sit still . . . breathe . . . still my mind. OK, I get it.
The anecdote is: SLOW DOWN!
Ha! Easier said than done! But I’m practicing. Heck, if I can climb Pike’s Peak with practicing, surely I can learn to do this. 
Here I’d like to offer a fun and effective little treatment to boost our Immune System. It’s called NeuroLymphatic Treatment. 
These bodies of ours have a beautiful way of cleansing toxins through what’s called the Lymphatic System. The lymph fluid also carries proteins, fats, hormones to all the cells, and is a major drainage system of the body. There are twice as many lymph vessels and lymph as there are blood vessels and blood. Plus, swimming around through the lymph are tiny, microscopic cells called Lymphocytes . . . T Cells, and B Cells who’s job it is to attack and destroy any cell or toxin they find does not belong to “their” body.
The energy to the Lymphatic System is regulated by what we call NeuroLymphatic reflexes, located mainly on the chest and back. These reflex points act like circuit breakers or switches that turn off when the system is overloaded with toxins. The reflexes that are the most sore seem to be the ones in greatest need of stimulation.
It just takes about 5 to 7 minutes to open/stimulate the reflexes all over the body, so I’ve joined the treatment to a little song to make it fun: “Every little cell in my body is happy, Every little cell in my body is well. I’m so glad, every little cell, in my body is happy and well.” Sound interesting . . . easy?? 
Friends, Mitzi and Julia, have helped me video the procedure and put it on YouTube. Try it. It’s a fun and easy way to clean and boost your Immune System so we can be safe in our crazy environment right now. Click this link to see the video.
Onward . . . my Birthday 2 days ago and was a perfect Slow Down practice! Robert took me to Mt. Princeton Hot Springs in the beautiful Colorado Rocky mountains. It was so perfect . . . warm, outdoor mineral pools, fun classes in the water, hiking into the mountains to see a waterfall, indulging in great food, snuggling in our cozy room. The staff nurtured us in so many ways to make sure we were happy and comfortable. They even sang Happy Birthday to me, with the other guests in the restaurant and in the morning water classes, they and other guests sang to me in three different languages . . . Gaelic, Italian, and Spanish (when they learned I’m studying Spanish). Oh how fun!! The whole trip was perfect and . . . I BREATHED AND SLOWED DOWN! 
What kind of celebration do we want? Can we connect with loved ones(and Santa Claus) in safety? Can we be easy on ourselves? Maybe presents don’t have to be such a big deal this year?
Try a virtual meal . . . get outside . . . do some quiet MEDITATION? . . . maybe a 2020 Christmas is about
 I’m sending you a huge basket full of gentle love!
Warmly, Kathleen

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