Listen and Connect

Dear Friends and Family All,
 Here we are, one month since last letter and . . . IT SNOWED AGAIN! Whoohoo! Remember, a poet has described it as “a warm blanket of love on the earth”. We humans struggle a bit when the temperature drops to 1 DEGREE ABOVE ZERO. No wonder the birds have been so frantic at the feeders for the last several days. They ate everything. I’ve learned over years of watching birds that they will always give me the most correct weather report . . . no matter what the Weatherman is saying. Every time they get frantic about eating, within about 24 hours, the sky will turn dark and precipitation of some kind arrives. I always know when to prepare for a storm. Thank you, my smart Birdie Friends. I’m listening to you.
There’s an amazing and touching movie on Netflicks these days, called “Octopus, My Teacher”. In his underwater, snorkeling adventures, a man met and started listening to an octopus, who slowly accepted him, would sometimes swim onto his chest and snuggle, and taught him the importance of connection and contact with other beings, especially the man with his family. I had tears in my eyes through much of the movie and feel it’s importance is huge in this time of crazy politics, and fires, and COVID, with “social distancing” and only “virtual hugs and elbow bumping”. Oh how important it is to stay connected . . . to listen to each other! We are a Herd Animal” after all. But how do we do it??
Well, there’s the old fashioned way of phone calls. I just had a wonderful connection with my sister in California while on a two and a half hour drive from Arvada, CO . . . ear phones on, traffic not bad, we connected! And she helped me stay awake and alert all the way home.
And then there’s Zoom. For me, nice reconnect with colleagues and Craniosacral teachers across the U.S. while we share different teaching skills like (for my students of old) . . . remember the days when we were just plain tired or overwhelmed with all the anatomy, and we did some LAUGH YOGA? Oh, how fun and a great connector! Lean forward during a Zoom session. Look deeply into the people’s eyes, and laugh. It works.
 When there’s no other option, a simple text to start the conversation can work. Plan a meet up time. Even taking a walk with masks and social distancing works. Watch “Octopus, My Teacher” and you’ll really get the importance of CONNECTION and LISTENING.
Talk about connection . . . Robert and I had an awesome connection on our honeymoon/one year anniversary two weeks ago! We stayed again at our favorite place; Dao Lodge, had breakfast by the fire and a great reconnection with Master Chen, the Dao owner. We walked all over Lily Lake, and along the river behind town, and, finally, we dressed up in fancy clothes and had an Indian meal by the river.
 A week after we got home the fires started and Estes Park was evacuated! Shock! The elk, I’m sure got away, and when people found there were not enough trailers to get all the horses away, they painted their phone number on the horse’s flank and pushed them out of their corrals so they could escape. Since then, there have been some sweet pictures in the paper, of reconnections of horses (and donkeys) with their owners. So now I understand Estes is safe again, thanks to the snow. Whew!
On a different note . . . how I appreciate all of you who have been coming to my home and new office in Green Mountain Falls for your treatments! Everyone who’s come has had appreciation for the beautiful mountain environment here, and usually plan to take a walk around our little lake or a hike up a mountain trail.
Well, now it’s WINTER! That “warm blanket of love” is feeding the earth, but we human’s tend to avoid this kind of weather conditions, preferring a warm blanket of WOOL in front of a fire. But it’s still a beautiful adventure to come here.
Coming up the Ute Pass has never been a problem in all the years I’ve lived up here, as the highway crews are out at 5am on every stormy day, making sure the road is plowed, sanded, and safe so people can get to work. And our wonderful town maintenance guys do the same thing here in Green Mtn. Falls. I take them some homemade brownies as a thank you, several times a season, when they’ve had to work long days to make sure we can all get around. So, no worries. Drive carefully and you’ll get here just fine. I’ll be sanding our driveway, but if there’s too much snow to get up the hill, I’ll arrange for you to park at our neighbor’s cabin.
  Then, once here, if you get here early, stay warm in your car until the person before is leaving, and I’ll come find you and guide you into my warm office space. I might even get a fire going in the wood stove for a little extra atmosphere on a cold day. How bout that! Do you feel a bit interested in a nice treatment in a warm room, on a cold day?
SO COME ON WINTER! WE’RE READY FOR YOU! I look forward to CONNECTING, and having some fun times with you all.
           Warm Hugs and Happy Halloween, Kathleen

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