Mrs. Kathleen Morrow-King Is Back!

October 28, 1019
Dear Friends, Family, and Clients All,
    I’m a married woman now!
    Robert and I joined hands and hearts on October 12, with the support of both of our families who came from  all over the US. Along with the love and support from all our friends before the wedding, it was almost overwhelming to take it all in.
Oh, how special this time has been! I remember looking down the table at the beautiful family luncheon, watching both families talking excitedly, exchanging phone numbers . . . BONDING . . . and I was so touched by it all.
    So then, after spending an extra couple of days
with family, we took off for a magical ELKTOBER in Estes Park, Colorado. Those magnificent beasts were everywhere. I even got to watch a herd of females swim out to a small island in the middle of Lake Estes and start to run around, jumping and kicking in playful abandon.    
We stayed at the DAO House outside Estes, where Chen,  owner of the  lodge and a Daoist, Chi Gung, and Tai Chi master of many years welcomed us. He
cooked for us and we, plus other guests and staff sat by the fire for hours in the evenings, just discussing life. It was so perfect for my Buddhist husband and I.   
    So now I’m back . . . getting used to being a therapist again, as well as a wife.
    I love my work and my people/clients, and Robert supports me in continuing in my business: Sharing Inner Health.  
He supports me so much and he is willing to be my SECRETARY! I guess you all know by now that my beloved long time friend and secretary, Judi Gephart, is selling her place here and moving to Arizona, to continue her BnB business there with the support of her cousin. I’m sad, but happy for her.
And Robert is learning her job and is my new secretary! So interesting the way the Universe works, isn’t it?

    So I’d love to see you folks! 
    If you’re a client, and local, bring this letter and come on in for a SPECIAL CELEBRATION DISCOUNT offer of $20 off your regular full treatment.  Let’s celebrate!  
    Also, we have our usual first Friday of the month coming up; November 1st . . . a half hour TuneUp treatment for $30.
    So hope to see you soon. And have a silly/fun time on Halloween . . . as Robert and I will be, and say “BOO!” to everyone you meet.  
                  Love and a big hug to you,
PS.  There are only 2 Tune-up dates left this year:
November 1st & December 6th.
So give Robert a call to get yourself Tuned-Up!

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