Our Inner Gyroscope

Has your summer been a wild ride as mine has?? . . . sometimes exciting . . . sometimes excruciating . . . but all passing quickly. Sometimes I watch the plans of every day change, fall apart, reframe to a point of never knowing from moment to moment what’s next. Sound at all familiar? In the last few weeks I’ve also heard from three close family members about the severe illness or even eminent deaths of their spouses or father.  
Then, the other side of that for me was becoming involved in the magic and beauty of the birth of a friend’s baby!  
Once again . . .” polar opposite” experiences. “What the heck is going on?” my heart yelled at Spirit. Then a newsletter arrived from my favorite astrologer, David Pond. He said : “Seven planets were retrograde, three eclipses, and Mars retrograde squaring Mars led to a very confusing summer that caused many of us to lose our inner gyroscope setting in very humbling ways. Whew!” Thank you, David. I feel validated, as I’ve always believed that we humans are very much affected and connected with the Universe around. “The Native American people have always known and respected this.” was the comment from dear Lakota friend, Vivian Rice. Do we really believe we can continue trashing our home planet and Spirit will not grumble?
     But then, the other side of the story is these surprise and sometimes deep connections with other humans. For instance, yesterday, I was huffing and puffing up the Manitou Incline . . . what’s that? . . . oh, just 2,744 steps up the side of a mountain leading to Pikes Peak, gaining 2000 feet in elevation. It’s a favorite adventure and workout for local athletes and even whole families. So I don’t run it as top athletes do. I huff and puff but keep going, “slow and steady” is the goal. So here comes a young man running down. He stops, grins at me with my white hair, gives me a thumbs up, and says: “One step at a time . . . just like life!”  I was deeply touched by that comment.
     For an adventure: Many of you knew I was working for several months to get onto the volunteer team for the Pikes Peak Marathon and Ascent at Barr Camp – six miles up the mountain. Well, I made it! Oh what fun, adventure, challenge . . . from the wild jeep ride up Bob’s Road, then the two mile backpacking trip with the team on up to Barr Camp, then setting up to take care of 2800 runners with food, liquids, First Aide, bathrooms, etc. We had a 6:00 am surprise when the announcement came that the first race; the Ascent, would end at Barr Camp because of weather and lack of shelter at the top. Our team worked together well and we scrambled to change all the food tables setup, put up a clear finish line, made a loop to guide the runners thru Barr Camp and back out onto the trail further down to head for the bottom. I got to be a “Greeter”, welcoming/congratulating/guiding runners to the food, First Aide, bathrooms, etc., then guiding them back out to the trail down. Here I am with Christina from Flight For Life at Barr Camp. FUN FUN!
     Well, those are my thoughts for the day. I’m trying to be a GOOD GIRL and pick up my emails once a week instead of once a month. So if you respond and connect with your thoughts, I’ll do my best to reply.  
     For calls, again my office number is 719-213-1066 for appointments and business stuff. (Judi picks it up a couple of times a day), and, for personal, I do best with texting at 719-684-0112. For 
yo u folks that are local, I’m at the office Thursday afternoons, and all day Friday doing Lymphatic, Craniosacral, Essential Oil, Polarity, and Massage bodywork. And for Craniosacral in the water, I’m at the beautiful Sunwater Spa; 719-695-7007, all day Wednesday, and then Thursday mornings.
     Thank you so so much for being in my life!! My heart is open as your faces cross my mind and I remember to take those “One step at a time” carefully and gratefully.
                                                                                                             Love, Kathleen

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