It’s been over a month since my last newsletter and I felt it was time to “reach out” to you again.
     Life is an ADVENTURE . . . right?
     Most recently I’ve been studying Death . . . oooooh, scary word! But it doesn’t have to be. It can be Peace, Relief, Freedom! Both of my brothers-in-law; Ray, in Southern Colorado, and Tony, in Northern California, have made their transition in the last several weeks. In wanting to be support and available for my sisters, I’ve watched people get this deep sadness on their faces when they hear about it and say something like: “Oh, I’m so sorry.” It was this reaction in my friends that overwhelmed me when my own husband died . . . almost more than the loss itself. So I’ve been studying: Is there life after death? Where do we go? What’s it feel like? Guess what . . . from great spiritual masters of over 100 years ago to scientists of today . . . they all agree that DEATH IS FREEDOM/PEACE! Wow! Why then are humans, worldwide, afraid of it? Google: Dr. to learn more about; “Life After Death”. He has interviewed people with “Near Death Experiences”, from common people to doctors and scientists, to understand this event that all of us will, one day, experience. My favorite was the Neuroscientist, Dr. Alexander, who didn’t believe any of it till it happened to him.
     In the midst of trips to Southern Colorado and arranging tickets to California to be with my daughter and sisters, I spent 4 days at a Retreat/Workshop with one of my favorite teachers, Mel Stahl. She put it together at a beautiful center in New Mexico, Rass Mandal. The focus was on what she called: “Harmonizing Coaching; cultivating a healthy foundation of self-awareness a
nd self-esteem”. Oh, we were so nurtured in every way! It was the perfect “RESPITE” that I needed right then. I traveled with Cathy, a fun, feisty Mom from Boulder. 
We bonded in the work, and then, on the way home, passing Santa Fe, we decided to visit a place called Meow Wolf. She promised me it would blow my mind.  Oh my God! It did! It was a type of Amusement/Imagination center where you stepped or crawled into closets, refrigerators, clothes dryers, or fireplaces into different lands of total imagination; with mirrors, brilliant colored trees, dinosaurs where you could play tunes on their ribs, lights that played different tones when they touched you . . . and on and on. We laughed and danced there for a couple of hours, ate lunch under a giant spider, and finally headed home, giggling and filled with a playful joy.
      This world we live in can be pain and can be amazing joy, right? I guess I’m not ready to leave it yet.
     So, here I am in Semi-Retirement and, just as it was predicted, I’m busier than ever. I guess it’ll take a couple of years to learn to say “No” to at least some of the exciting things that I never had time to explore when I was working all the time.
     One “work event” that I’m really enjoying is TuneUp Day, when old friends, clients, and students show up for tea, healthy popcorn, and half hour treatments once a month, just to check in on, and kick-start their health and bodies. It’s quite an affordable gift to yourself at $30, and happens on the first Friday of each month. If you’ve ever had a treatment or been a student of mine in the past, I invite you to join us for re-connection and a treatment on TuneUp Day.   The next one coming up is December 7th . . . MY BIRTHDAY! Call 719-213-1066 to schedule and Judi will call you back. Of course I expect to be sung to on my birthday! Hope to see you.
     Now, I’m taking a poll. Last year I raised my rates just $5 to be $95 for a full hour and a half treatment in Craniosacral, Lymphatic, Polarity, Massage, Essential Oils, or a combo of all . . . with a discount for children, and seniors over 65 years. Now I ask you: Is this too much for you? Because, if it is, I’ll drop the extra $5. My life goal is to help not hinder the people in my life. Let me know in a response to this email. Thanks.

Just to be clear, TuneUps will still be $30.00.

     So that’s it for now. I’m slow at email and computer stuff, but will do my best to stay in touch. Sending a giant hug and joyful smile to all of you. And remember, research “death”. I promise it’s not horrible.
                                                Ever Warmly Yours, Kathleen

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