Sharing Inner Health Welcomes 2018

WELCOME TO 2018! It feels like a special year to me . . . perhaps a year of “The Unexpected”.
    For me it started New Year’s Eve when my United flight from Denver to Colorado Springs was suddenly cancelled for lack of a crew. I watched people’s faces as the announcement came around 6:30 pm . . . an hour after we’d been due to take off. One lady slammed her bag on the ground saying: “F____k!!” very loudly. I teamed up with a couple of great folks I hadn’t known before, Lola and Carlton, and we started running around the airport trying to find the shuttle they had promised but, somehow, had forgotten to schedule. We three bonded that night and called ourselves the “Mustardtears” because we had what it took to “cut the mustard” but it was a pretty teary situation. Yes, we did finally get home that night (by midnight), and we got a bunch of other people home as well, thanks to our team.
     Humans are such amazing and complex creatures! We are basically a “herd” animal and work best in teams, but the complexity comes when we are taught, as children, to “stand up and be strong”. Perhaps Mom and Dad weren’t able to be there for us in critical growth periods of our life. Then we learn to “make it on our own” . . . or not . . . and a gamut of emotions and reactions develop that can last our whole life.
    I’ve been studying all this in the last few months with Psychologists, Barry and Janae Weinhold, through their Child Development Trauma training. Many emotions surface with clients in our treatment sessions together, and I felt I needed a better understanding and more tools to help and support them. It’s been fascinating and, of course, my own “STUFF” has surfaced to be processed and healed.
      Whew! It’s been eye opening and resulted in some beautiful family connections around my cousin’s campfire in Northern California over Christmas.

So, 2018, HERE WE ARE!!
Shawn Gallaway sings:

  “We can do it! I know we can
   We can do it . . . with a higher hand
   We can do it. Stick to the plan
   Walk through the fear and make our stand
   We can do it . . . we are enough
  We can do it . . . when times are tough 
   We can do it . . . rise above
   Free ourselves, and
            LIVE A LIFE OF LOVE!”
                       I LOVE YOU ALL! YAH!!
    And . . . because of that, I want to stay in business and continue to offer my support and many years of skill to family and community. Therefore, to stay in business, with the rising costs everywhere, my price for treatments has gone up $5.00 across the board. It’s not much, but it’s the first time I’ve raised my price in twenty years! Whoohoo! So, the usual hour and a half treatment is now $95. And the once a month, half hour TuneUp Day treatments are $30.
     So here we go! I feel excited, expectant, and ready to learn and grow more in 2018. Yes, so many people are worried about Trump and where our country is going these days, but look at how many are “rising up” . . . making a statement about belief in America. I haven’t seen that since the 1960’s. Which reminds me to tell you: Stay tuned for the Colorado Women’s marches that are coming up January 20th in Denver, and January 21st in Colorado Springs, starting at 2pm from Acacia Park. I’ll be at the Colorado Springs march and if you would like to join 7,000 plus women standing up for respect and honor for women come join me.
    Oh, one more announcement: The AquaCranial Playshops (which is Cranio-Sacral Therapy in the water) at Sunwater Spa in Manitou Springs are getting very popular. During these Playshops I teach couples how to float each other in the warm mineral water and feel Cerebrospinal Fluid rhythms gently calm and reset their partner’s nervous system. It’s a delicious and deeply connecting experience.
    The January Playshops are full now. On February 12th we are offering one with a special Valentine theme. Sign up soon to not miss it. Call Sunwater Spa at 719-695-7007 if you’re interested. It’s only $75 a couple for the two hours.
    Again; MY LOVE TO YOU ALL AND HAPPY 2018!     Kathleen Morrow

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