Social Interaction = JOY

Dear Friends and Soulmates,      I’ve just been lifted and floated through a three-day celebration of one of the best birthdays of my life. Friends from everywhere sang to me, shared meals and hugged and loved on me! Oh my God! I start to cry joyful tears every time I reminisce on any part of it. And, as the tears fall, I know beyond a doubt: I AM LOVED! THANK YOU FOREVER!             Now the next page . . . MERRY CHRISTMAS!

     I wish for you a most magnificent Christmas.

The presents, singing, the “breaking of bread” together, and the bonding is what feeds our human souls to their depths. Combine this also with times of deep contemplation/meditation, regular exercise, and returning to good nutrition after each feast and we competently move beyond any pain in our lives.

     Many agree that our world is going through a challenging time right now . . . and our lives can be doing the same thing. Let’s RISE ABOVE in our inner hearts and REACH OUT in clear love. I can tell you from my recent birthday experience, that something has changed in me. There is something there that broke through my old “I’m not enough” pattern. (We all have some deep, old, yucky pattern in there . . . right?) I now feel uplifted and confident, and I know that, together, we humans can get through anything!

 Have only love in your heart for others.The more you see the good in them,The more you will establish good in yourself.Paramahansa YoganandaSo let’s enjoy Christmas and then welcome in the NEW YEAR with LIFE, with LOVE, and with SPIRIT! YES!!!I will be out of town visiting and being with family from December 21st through December 27th . . . then back at my office on the 28th.

     I know that every family has pain just as mine does, yet my heart is so full right now, I’m really looking forward to sharing that love no matter what has gone before. “Intuition” is telling me that this going to be a very special and deep healing Christmas for those of our family still here.

      I pray that each of your Christmases will also be a joyous, bonding, healing experience to complete this year of 2018. Love to you all, Kathleen
P.S. Here are the 2019 Tune-Up dates. I’ll have a card with the dates when I next see you.

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