Stir the Magic of Life

It’s been a while since I wrote to you and I’ll be leaving on my big trip to India soon, so I decided it was time to reconnect. Life for me and so many of my friends has been a bit of a wild ride lately. How ‘bout you?
One day, a lady backs into my car in a parking lot, the next week I’m at a favorite trailhead and took a great hike on a beautiful afternoon.  When I returned to the parking area, my car had been robbed!  They didn’t bash any windows, but got in somehow, found my purse, and took all my cash and credit cards . . . and didn’t take my driver’s license . . . Thank Heaven!
Insurance is working it out for both events and soon it will all be settled. Whew! I’m afraid I let it throw me off balance for a while there.
But this morning a whole flock of large, black Ravens arrived on our porch. I’ve always admired Ravens and know they’re one of the most intelligent of birds.
My Animal-Speak book, on the spiritual powers of birds and animals, describes Ravens as “playful, excellent tool users, and, if a Raven comes into your life, expect MAGIC. This implies the ability to teach us how to “Stir the Magic Of Life Without Fear.” I’m learning.
But now, the exciting dance of easing into the winter season is here. The birds are cleaning out their feeder every single day . . . dancing around our porch . . . looking in the window as I open my eyes after meditation. “Feed us! Feed us!” they chirp and whistle at me.
So we’re not the only creatures that seem to speed up in fall. We humans have gatherings and preparations of all sorts to prepare for winter. For me: preparing the yard and greenhouse for winter, cook up/freeze the last vegies, switch out summer for winter clothing, and then . . . thank you’s and final celebrations of all kinds.
It started with a dinner and celebration for all the Pike’s Peak Marathon volunteers. Then there came a lovely thank you dinner for Green Mountain Falls Trail Ambassadors, followed by another one for GMF’s Trail Workers. I’ve never had so many thank you’s for volunteer work before! It’s all about CONNECTION . . . and a pause for winter.
    So now, the BIGGIE! . . . final preparation for India! I’ve done this trip multiple times and I’ve never found it so complicated before. I’ll be going to Northern India; the Punjab, to a beautiful center called Radha Soami Satsang, Beas. My Spiritual teacher is there. Oh, I’m so looking forward to seeing Him.
And I will be celebrating my Eightieth Birthday while there! Whoohoo!
    So, it takes thirty-six hours and several plane changes to get to the nearest town . . . then taxi an hour to the Center. Me . . . Nervous?? Well, yes. That’s why I’m so pleased that the Ravens are coming to visit me and teach me their magic . . . Stir The Magic of Life Without Fear!
   It’s been five years since I’ve done the trip. It turns out I’m traveling alone, as my travel buddy had an important work commitment come up that conflicted with our flights. Originally, we were hoping she’d be able to rebook for three days later and meet me there. But there are so many requirements now, she might not be able to do it all: • Current passport and Visa • Certified Self Declaration at the border that you are COVID free • Proof of all COVID vaccinations • Social Security card and Driver’s License • Certified letter from a doctor saying I am fit to travel • Online registration for Satsang Center • All flights and transfers, from Denver, CO to Amritsar, India, and back
And it all has to be done online! Yikes! I’m turning eighty years old. And, I’m an outdoor girl. This age of Technology is not my thing. But . . . many wonderful friends have stepped up to the plate to help: Robert, Kirmit, Carola, Suzanna to name a few. (Hope I didn’t miss anyone) I’M SO GRATEFUL! I couldn’t have put this trip together without them. 
So, slowly, it’s all coming together. Fear comes . . . I breathe . . . Dig in and Stir the Magic of Life . . . the fear goes and the next piece is completed. Whew! Thank you, Raven buddies and Human buddies!
So, I still have a couple of openings on November 18th and 25th. Then, I’m leaving, and will be out of contact from November 28th thru Christmas. After my trip, on December 30th I still have a few times open. Going into the new year, the first 1/2 hour Tune Up Day will be on January 6th.
I recently met a friend at the grocery store that I hadn’t seen in many many years. She immediately recognized me and excitedly shared how much she loved getting these newsletters and felt very much connected with me. COOL! That’s what these letters are all about. There will probably come a time when I stop them . . . BUT NOT YET!
Though I am choosing to stop some things, darn it. I still am quite “Fit”, but it’s not like I used to be, and I can’t accomplish as much in a day as I used to be able to get done. So, I sadly said “goodbye” to team buddies on the Pikes Peak Marathon Volunteer Team, and very sadly, am letting go of Irish Dancing. That’s a hard one. I do have a last performance with them in Woodland Park on November 6th, and then . . . sigh . . . goodbye.
But life goes on, and there are still many things I can still do . . . like go to India . . . Hike . . . Bike ride (thanks to my wonderful Ebike). So, many of us are starting to make decisions like these. The easing into the “autumn of life” is a very interesting time. It offers a new way of being. We all must go into it . . . learn from it . . . prepare for the next step . . . leaving this body and moving on . . . In my next newsletter, perhaps we can have a conversation about what I’m learning, and amazing insights from Counselor, Sandra Felt, and from Steven Levine, in his book: “Who Dies?”
That’s it for now. Soooooo much love to you all, Kathleen

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