Support Our Species

September 15, 2020
Support Our Species

Dear Friends and Family,
Once again, I’m sitting in my favorite meditation chair, watching the birds outside hopping around on t  he porch, and . . . WATCHING OUR FIRST FALL SNOW!
Has summer really passed already? Well, it took a snowfall to stop my “gallivanting”, stay home, get on my computer, and see what else is happening in the world.

     Are we living in a wild time or what! And the learning curve for us 70+ year olds is huge. For the last 30 years I’ve watched technology grow and young folks take to it like “ducks to water.” . . . but not us elders. I confess I was/am a bit scared by it. I struggled to learn the many new programs on my computer, but, oh, I would always rather take a hike than answer emails . . . and I didn’t  know how to text. Then I received an iPhone in the mail with a note from my daughter, Shawna: “Mom, I’m getting too busy to talk on the phone much. You need to learn to text. Here’s a phone to do it on.” And so I learned. (Don’t we owe much to our “techie” children!)
I’m good at it now, but, hey, look at technology now!
       Everything is VIRTUAL!

    I just got off an amazing, incredible, international Biodynamic Craniosacral Conference on ZOOM! Oh my God! The teachers and attendees were from all over the world. And the healing was powerful. The connections were deep. Who ever would have thought I/we could do it? Zooming, chatting, having deep Breakout Room discussions . . . while the birds and squirrels hopped around just outside my screen door.

     The most powerful experience for me in the conference was a Breakout Session with three of us from different countries, “virtually” holding and supporting each other’s births. My re-birthing experiences have always been a feeling of huge physical pressure  on my body, feeling a sadness and fear in my parents, culminating in a blasting out through the birth canal with right fist overhead and a powerful mental pattern of: “I have to save my parents!” Birth expert, Ray Castillino called it: “Joan of Arc”. This time it was so different. I clearly felt the two practitioners holding and loving me. They morphed into representing mom and dad. At one point I felt them looking at me with love and pride in their eyes, then look up at each other with a deep gaze of love, and I knew that I no longer needed to blast out to help them. I relaxed and flowed with mom’s body. Then I was out and being softly held by both of them. Joan of Arc was no longer needed! Each time I remember this in my consistently busy life, I slow down, breathe, and feel my heart open.

    Could this be a lesson for us all at this time? Can we use COVID-19 to open our hearts to each other, and
in that HEALTH expression feel ourselves SLOW DOWN, so we can FEEL/SUPPORT those around us? Can we be an instrument in creating a “WE”? in our world . . . i.e.: ATTUNEMENT, PRESENCE, WARMTH?
    A New Zealand bulletin board we were shown, announces: “BE CALM. BE KIND”.
   Darwin says: “The species that is most cooperative is the species that survives.”
    One of our final speakers, Ellen Grosser, in Spain, suggested a global attitude: “My truth does not have to be your truth. We can exchange opinions, and CONSTANTLY CHOOSE LOVE.”
    Thank you, Shawn Gallaway, for your beautiful, award winning song: “I Choose Love”. I play and sing it constantly. (

     And thank you to the Biodynamic Craniosacral conference committee who worked hard to put together and present to the world, a potentially world-changing meeting and conference. It has changed me.
     If you’re interested in more, visit: . . . then choose: BCTA/NA.
I am still working out of my home office. And I would like to remind you that I am working for donation only, especially for pregnant women.
     So we expand and explode into our changing world with open hearts and eyes and have an opportunity to grow as a species. Will you take the challenge? I am.

                                                Love and warmth, Kathleen


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