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Happy New Decade!

January 7, 2020 HAPPY NEW DECADE!   Dear Friends, Family, and Clients All,        Here’s a Cosmic Beginning: As I sit here in Memorial Hospital waiting for an Ultrasound on my varicose veins as I do some New Year physical check-ins, I’m struck by the humans around me . . . some barely able […]


Mrs. Kathleen Morrow-King Is Back!

October 28, 1019 Dear Friends, Family, and Clients All,     I’m a married woman now!     Robert and I joined hands and hearts on October 12, with the support of both of our families who came from  all over the US. Along with the love and support from all our friends before the wedding, it was […]


Adventures and More Adventures

August 18, 2019       Well . . . WOW! Robert and I are actually getting married! The date is set: October 12, 2019. The place: Bear Creek Nature Center, is reserved. Invitations to family members are out . . . AND THEY’RE ALL COMING!       A friend, Jesse, is preparing a meal for us. […]