The Adventures of Life and Love

February 16, 2019The Adventures of Life and Love Dear Friends and Family,     I’m a bit behind in writing this newsletter. Life has been such an exciting world of change for me lately and I find myself jotting down some thoughts to share, and a day later, whatever I was wanting to share is all different. Is anyone else experiencing this?

One of the things I wanted to tell you was about what a wonderful trip I had with my daughter, Shawna, and reconnecting with my sister, Sharon, in my home town of Grass Valley in California. Here Shawna and I are having fun at a local town Christmas festival.

The three of us went to lunch and talked of many things. It felt so good to have this time with my family and it opened my heart to reconnect with my sister!

     Now back home, I took a walk with a couple of lady friends. Julia, I have known for years (and she helps me get this newsletter out), and Ana, who has just moved to town and another friend gave her my number because she was looking for some hiking buddies. As we walked and talked, we learned she was a lady truck driver! And before that, she was a Psychologist! Pretty interesting, right?
     Well . . . walking and talking we also realized she was quite intuitive. I was sharing with them both a challenge I’ve been working with, lately, in working with a tooth Infection. I shared about various dietary changes I’ve had to make (off all sugar . . . arrg), special vitamins and supplements, essential oils, and a number of appointments with different medical practitioners. Suddenly Ana stopped in the trail, looked at me deeply, and said: “Have you had any big decisions to make lately? Anything you’ve had to be decisive and incisive about?”       I saw Julia start to grin as she said quietly:“You better tell her.”

Hesitatingly I said: “Um, well . . . I’m 76 years old and I just GOT ENGAGED!”
     Yup, you heard it right. My dear friend, and upstairs housemate, Robert King, asked me to marry him on New Year’s Eve, 2019! And I said: “YES!”
     Ana nodded and said: “Teeth are about being incisive and decisive . . . incisors, right?”

      Well, it’s been a bit unnerving to think of myself as Kathleen King, when I’ve been Kathleen Morrow for over fifty years and my brain has been flopping around with questions like: How much will I have to change?
     So we’re seeing a wonderful marriage counselor, Sandra Felt, to help us through each piece as it comes up and we’re slowly and surely taking steps towards a quiet marriage, probably in late fall. So far, all our friends who hear about it, give us a huge, excited THUMBS UP, so, we’re thinking that despite our personal apprehension, WE MUST BE DOING THE RIGHT THING!    Whoohoo!

      So life continues with all it’s adventure. Here’s a couple more: On May 1st, this year, my cousin, Elaine, and I are heading east for a couple of weeks of exploring IRELAND! She’s never been there, and after some research, we’ve found out we’re 44% Irish. We’re going to kiss the Blarney Stone, admire the Cliffs of Mohr, and maybe even find an ancestor or two.

Then, July 20th, Robert and I will fly to San Francisco to celebrate his son, Paul’s, first and exciting wedding to a beautiful lady from Taiwan, YaHuei.
      When the ceremony is over and the happy couple has left for their honeymoon, Robert and I will head for my homelands in Northern California to explore and maybe see some family for a few days, then head for Petaluma, California, to meet my long time Spiritual Teacher who’s flying in from India. Yay!
      And, finally, we’ll head home again, to be back by August 1st.       Doesn’t this sound like some great adventures?

     So, yes, I’m having some fun . . . but, no worries. For my friends and clients, I’m not planning to stop working. I’ll be around and booking treatments for all the times in between the trips. Judi will handle the phone calls as usual while I’m gone. Remember, that office number is 719-213-1066. I probably won’t be answering my cell phone while on the road. Judi is such a gem in my life as she carefully keeps my work life organized. And this is the “adventure” of being semi-retired!        So maybe this is enough excitement for now. I promise to keep you posted as things develop . . . and probably share a few pictures.      

My love to you all,  Kathleen

PS. Here’s the Tune-up Schedule for 2019. Give Judi a call to get yourself Tuned-Up!

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