The Rumors are True

Well, it’s a beautiful spring in Colorado and I’ve been hearing rumors flying around so I want to set things straight:
      Yes, Robert and I are getting married! We’re moving on it very slowly and keeping it small . . . immediate family only. We get excited, then scared, then excited, then scared and have been grateful and amazed at the huge support we’ve received from everyone who hears about it. Thank you so much, Everyone! We’ve both been married before but it’s different when you’re in your seventy’s and eighty’s: used to being independent, making your life decisions, sleeping in your own bed, and then, the physical attraction thing . . . overwhelming ecstasy and all that, is different when you’re older . . . right?

       But we just plain “like each other a lot”. We’re seeing a great marriage counselor monthly, talking about everything that comes up, and Robert is definitely my best friend. Why not marry your best friend?      

So we’ve set the date for October 12 at a beautiful, local Nature Center. And we plan to honeymoon in Estes Park, Colorado.
      Luckily we both like adventure because this is definitely AN ADVENTURE!
      There you have it: The Rumors are True!       

Meantime, I wanted to get this newsletter out right away to you all because I’M LEAVING NEXT WEEK FOR IRELAND WITH MY COUSIN, ELAINE!
      She had been doing research on and found out we’re very Irish. She’s never been there before, and really, really wants to explore and perhaps even find a “Greenfield” relative.
     A year ago I told her I’d go with her after a conversation when we discovered both of our mothers had always wanted to go there and had never gone. So the time has come. It’s our Generation’s turn! I’ve been studying Irish Dance for several months . . . Robert helped us put together a loose itinerary and OFF WE GO! We’re leaving May 1st to Dublin, and will return May 16th . . . two weeks, to maybe find an ancestor.


If you’re wanting/needing a treatment while I’m gone, call: Amy Porter, 719-235-7872, who will cover Craniosacral Therapy and Lymphatic treatments, and David Lipps, 727-743-2160, who will cover Massage Therapy.  Both are excellent therapists and have many other modalities to share. Please call them directly. Judi will be covering the phones as usual and making appointments for me when I return. The office number she picks up daily is 719-213-1066.

I know many of you are traveling and having adventures as well, and it’s Springtime in the Rockies. So . . .
      Although my life is a whirlwind right now, let’s all remember to BREATHE throughout each day.

And how about SMILING at a friend or even someone you don’t know, like the clerk at the grocery store . . . or giving some food to a homeless person . . . just for fun.

My love to you all,    Kathleen  

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