Tis A Gift To Be Simple

Dear Friends and Family,
How has your life been going? . . .  settled, relaxed, predictable? No?
How about unsettled, constant surprises, rearrangements, sometimes fun, sometimes depressing, unpredictable?
Well, I’m happy to tell you, my astrology, David Pond, informs us that MERCURY HAS COME OUT OF RETROGRADE (unpredictability), and is now DIRECT (calmer/predictability)!
Still Spring is always busy. Now, after the COVID shutdown, there are trips to take, family to visit, yards to clean up after the winds, gardens to plant. THINGS TO DO! So, here we are, “human ants” scurrying in many directions. 
However, if we remind ourselves to STOP/BREATHE several times in a day,
it can be a fun time.
Nature is exploding everywhere in brilliant greens, and, if you’re in a warm climate, the oranges, yellows, purples, and reds are gleaming at you.
Deer, birds, and other animals are prancing through your yard. I even got to watch two hummingbirds mate. They’re all saying: “RELAX! PLAY! ENJOY!”
Then the SNOWSTORM HIT! WOW! Suddenly we had two feet of heavy, wet snow everywhere! We hunkered in . . . watched a movie or two . . . and it was over almost as fast as it came. 
My gardener, Kim, said:
“Don’t brush off the plants! Keep them insulated!” It worked. Within a few days they had pushed themselves upright again and were so happy and fed!
So, in late April/early May, my daughter, Shawna, and I, along with her good friends Simone and Sherry, had a fun adventure to southern Cancun; Isla De La Mujeres.
For a week we gallivanted around on a little cart, and on buses and ferries, exploring every beach on the island (it’s only five miles long).
Shawna had arranged a great place to stay in a BnB called Casa Serena, where we met and played with the owners and other guests at breakfast, and evening Happy Hour every day. Yes, Shawna amazed us with her superb organization skills . . . booking flights, housing, buses, carts, and fun.
And now, I’m home again, enjoying and grounding with my husband. It’s such a busy season but, one day at a time, Robert and I plant, clean the yard, walk his favorite trail, hold hands, run errands, and support each other in deep ways as we ease into the “autumn of our lives. (I’m turning eighty this year!). No, I haven’t slowed down yet, but I’m working on it.
My beautiful new Ebike, I now call BlueBell, is a great step towards staying active, yet not pushing myself too hard. Also, I’m so grateful for the habit of daily meditation to calm and settle me for the day.
Play, yet Relax.
Remember, starting June 18th, the fun, artistic Green Box Festival will be starting in town, along with the opening of the famous Astrology experience called SkyScape.
So hey, let’s all enjoy this spring/summer . . . connect with family. Robert’s granddaughter, Shaley, just received multiple awards at the School of Mines!
Here’s an old song the symphony lifted our spirits with in May:
“Tis a gift to be simple, tis a gift to be free,
Tis a gift to come down, where we ought to be,
And when we have come down to the place just right,
Twill be in the valley of love and delight.
When the true simplicity is gained,
To bow and to bend, we will not be ashamed.
To turn and turn will be our delight,
Til by turning and turning we come round right.”
My trip to Petaluma, California, has now been cancelled (unpredictability), so I’ll be here all of June and July . . . working my usual Friday semi-retirement hours out of our downstairs apartment in the beautiful town of Green Mountain Falls.
Please enjoy the coming weeks, and an awesome Summer, with flowers, wild plants, and curious animals everywhere. Get outside and take a walk. It’s so good for us to take deep breaths and move our bodies.
See you soon. My Love to you all,

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