Transition Time May 2018

Happy time of massive TRANSITION for so many! Many people are telling me of huge life changing events in this spring season . . . births/new babies, deaths, moves, job changes, relationship changes.
      Of course I’m checking everyone’s Respiratory Diaphragm . . . and mine as well . . . to make sure we all keep breathing through it all. Dr. Randolf Stone worked with hundreds of WWII soldiers who had had some sort of war shock and were diagnosed with every kind of medical condition; from brain injury to constipation and indigestion, to emotional instability, and some of them could not even walk. The amazing thing was: They all recovered when Dr. Stone released their Respiratory Diaphragm! I know I’ve harped on this before but I’m meeting so many people in stressful transition of some kind, who are forgetting to breathe with that big muscle that stretches under our ribs across the whole center of the body. Dr. Stone called it “The Rainbow Bridge”. Please, let’s remind each other and our friends to breathe those ribs!
     So let me tell you about my “Transition” because it will affect some of you.
     By the end of May, I will be going another level of Semi Retirement. I will continue to do treatments 1 ½ days at my Heart of Manitou office; Thursday afternoons and all day Fridays. (This is so we can continue to have the ever popular TuneUp Day: ½ hour treatments for $30 on the first Friday of each month). So many old friends have been coming to this for years . . . I just couldn’t give it up. But I did let go of Saturdays. Judi will still return calls and book appointments on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. 
     Then, I’ll also be doing Cranialsacral Therapy in the warm waters of Sunwater Spa. It’s called AquaCranial Treatment and is a deeply soothing, peaceful, healing experience. Call the Spa directly for that: 719-695-7007. They have an awesome de  al going there now, while the road construction continues. It’s $108 for several classes, several treatments, and a bunch of warm mineral water soaks. Just in case you’ve always wanted this healing experience. Now’s the time!
     And finally . . . THE MANITOU CHOOSES LOVE experience is coming up in just a week! This celebration has turned into a twelve day event.

      The Smokebrush Foundation, Manitou Springs City and Chamber are sponsoring Global Peace Award winner, Shawn Gallaway, to do a concert, Thursday nite, May 10th at 7pm.

     Then come two workshops on the Gender attitudes that most of us have grown up with. Shawn will be teaching one of the workshops with International Psychology teachers, Barry and Janae Weinhold. The Smokebrush Foundation along with the Weinholds are sponsoring fourteen Ukrainian counselors and psychologists to join us in Manitou, sharing our different cultural experiences with gender. The workshops will be held on May 11-13th, and May 18- 20th.  Go to if you’re interested in attending.

      There will be musicians, artists, chalk drawing, yoga and other classes, and Love Ambassadors handing out chocolate kisses and sticky hearts, all over the streets of Manitou . . . especially Thursday, May 10th.        


      The concert is $15 unless you meet a red shirted LOVE AMBASSADOR on the street and they place a sticky heart on you . . . then it’s $5 off price.

      Call Manitou Chamber: 719-685-5089 for information on on all of the special events that will be happening throughout Manitou Springs during these 12 days.  

     Is that enough excitement for one letter?? So please keep breathing and come join me for some laughter and fun in Manitou!

My Warmest Warmest Regards, Kathleen 



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