Aqua Cranial

Aqua Craniosacral Therapy offered by
Kathleen Morrow
at SunWater Spa.

Craniosacral in the water is a light, reverent touch therapy that balances the whole body and allows the release of held tension and stress on a cellular level. It is amazingly relaxing and effective in bringing the body to state of balance.

Kathleen is available for Aqua Cranial treatments on Wednesdays and Thursday mornings.

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Kathleen Morrow Aqua Cranial 

Aqua Cranial Playshops offered by
Kathleen Morrow at SunWater Spa.

A guided partner Craniosacral experience.


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A unique experience for your partner / friend to play and connect through guided meditation, eye-gazing and gentle holding with intention, while experiencing the healing properties of Manitou’s sacred waters.

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