My Dear Friends and Family,
   I’m home, looking out the window at another beautiful spring day . . . getting set to head out on a hike into the mountains as I’m doing every day lately. What a great beginning to any day! And yet, there is a deep sadness in my heart.
    Today would usually be a day I’d be heading to Sunwater Spa, or my office. I’d be seeing old and new friends and using my forty-five years of training and skills to help people function well in their worlds. But no, here I am “taking care  of only myself!”
    And my “caretaker mind” struggles with this picture. I think many of us are having to look at our patterns, and who we think we are, and make changes in ourselves . . . in our lives. 
   I’m having one of my “GUT” feelings that there’s some bigger reason for this “pandemic” and the churning and struggling we are all experiencing. We won’t know, probably, till it’s over, but it’s obvious that there was a need for global change in humankind.
   Three or four weeks ago, I pulled a card from my Tarot deck (just for fun), and was called: “Centering; now may be the calm before the storm. (Duh) This is a time for deep, quiet reflection; a time to pause and gather yourself, your center, your abundant strength.”
   Well I didn’t know what was about to come, but I spent some extra time in meditation, took some long walks in the woods, and it worked. Though emotions come up, they actually pass through pretty quickly. Try it.
   A number of you have asked about my step daughter, Shilah, in Nashville, TN.
   She was hit with a “double whammy” in her life, starting with the tornado on March 3rd. Then, two weeks later she was diagnosed with Coronavirus and quarantined!
   Thank God, she’s a strong 51-year-old woman, and has rebounded, gotten well, and is coming out of quarantine. These are her words:
” We don’t have the answers. We’re in fear. It’s OK . . . CRY! All we can do is one day. Wake up and do what you can in that day!”
   And that’s what she’s doing.
   So, onward. As you know, I’m forbidden by Government at this time, to do any “touch therapy” and have had to postpone everything until May (fingers crossed).
   However, since one of my certifications is in TRAUMA RELEASE THERAPY”, I offer that if you need to talk to someone about your challenges these days, give me a call Monday to Friday. I might be able to help. My number is 719-213-1066, and there will be no charge.
My goal right now is to STAY IN TOUCH.
   To help us all, here’s from David Pond, Astrologer: “Will
yourself into some Healthy activity to develop your physical and mental health. Start a craft, get back to that instrument you wanted to learn, get to a project that you’ve had on the ‘back burner’.
   Hey, WE HAVE TIME!”
   “Rinasceró, rinascerai” by Danilo Ballo is a song born in support of the coronavirus emergency, especially for the city of Bergamo seriously affected by Covid-19, all the proceeds from downloads, copyrights and editorial rights will be totally donated to the hospital Papa Giovanni XXIII in Bergamo for the purchase of medical equipment. Click on the link to listen: https://youtu.be/D5DhJS5hGWc
   Staying in touch and sending warmth,