We Will Be Reborn

May 4, 2020

My Dear Friends and Family,
     In my last newsletter I shared a beautiful Italian song by Roby Facchinetti; “I’ll Be Reborn, You’ll Be Reborn”,
found On YouTube. I hadn’t realized the language was Italian, until I received a call from my sister, Sharon, who’s very Italian husband has recently passed away. She shared that the song gave her a DEEP, HEALING CRY! Yes, despite what we were taught as children . . . that tears show weakness . . . it’s not true!
       Crying is a sinking into our human soul, sharing/releasing the pain we all can hold there, so our hearts can open, we connect with each other and the deep, spiritual soul within ourselves.

     So, in this spirit, Sharon started researching a translation for the song, and sent it to me. As you read it below, you’ll see how absolutely perfect it is for this time of world change we are in right now! Enjoy it . . . AND LET YOURSELF CRY!
    Thank you, Sharon, for your courage and open heart.

     Then, David Pond, our Astrologer, had some insights
to share.He says: “Planet, Mercury, has moved into Taurus. Taurus represents the natural world; the Earth . . . which is FLOURISHING DURING THIS CRISIS.
Our precious “normal” was out of alignment with
the natural world and we were in an evolutionary crisis before the virus. Humans are the first species that can choose not
to go extinct – may we use this moratorium on our normal lives to make the necessary adjustments to become better stewards of the earth and it’s creatures.”
     Perfect! Right?  

      So Robert and I are staying healthy, getting outside in safe places for fresh air, exercise, and soul inspiration, and . . . we are
ALWAYS WEARING OUR MASKS AND GLOVES!  We’ve noticed so many people and families out on the trails, passing each other, and not wearing masks. Oh please wear your mask. You can pull it down when others are not around, then put it up over your nose when anywhere near others, especially children. PLEASE!

     I still do not have government permission to do any “hands on work” yet. SunWater Spa, Heart of Manitou and other therapy offices in Manitou Springs do not plan on opening until June, but I’ve had calls from old friends and clients in emotional/ physical pain . . . have fallen and damaged themselves in some way, or are struggling with an Immune System problem (not Coronavirus), so I’ve decided to work with “medical emergencies” in people I’ve known and worked with before. There is no office space available in Manitou, so, if people wear a mask, and are willing to come to my home in Green Mountain Falls, I will do treatments in our downstairs apartment, on a donation basis. Call 719-684-0112.

     Also our monthly TUNEUP DAY has NOW BEEN POSTPONED to JUNE 5TH.

     I so miss you all and look forward to reconnecting. In the meantime, my “woo woo intuition” (as David Pond calls it) tells me that this is a very special time . . .
        A time to be introspective, alert,   
                                              and paying attention.

     I wish this for you. And may we learn much in this ever changing human crisis. Enjoy the words below.
     Love and Virtual Hugs,  

“Rinascero, Rinasceraia”
I’ll Be Reborn, You’ll Be Reborn” by Roby Facchinetti

I’ll be reborn, You’ll be reborn.
When everything is over,
We will see the stars again.
I’ll be reborn, You’ll be reborn.
The storm that holds us in it’s grip
Bends us, but it will not break us.
We were born to challenge fate,
And each time it was us who won.
These days will change our days,
But this time we’ll learn a bit more.
I’ll be reborn, You’ll be reborn.
Embraced by great skies,
We’ll trust in God again.
In the silence we breathe new air.
I’m scared for this city of mine,
But we were born to fight fate
And each time it was us who won.
I’ll be reborn….you’ll be reborn.
Here are the Tune-Up Days for 2020.
May Tune-up has been Canceled. See you in June.

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