Welcome to 2022

Hello Again Dear Friends and Family,
Here we are in 2022! Oh, I do hope this year is going to help us put our lives back together in new and enlightened ways.
When I look at our beautiful mountain, I am filled with hope and the possibility for a better future.
Yes, our government is in upheaval with all the Republic/Democratic infighting.
Yes, we humans have been destructive to our home . . . the earth planet. And now, she is complaining loudly. (Is anyone besides me getting tired of these wild winds knocking over trees, poles, and howling all night long?)
Yes, many of our lives are upside down with the COVID attacks, business closures, job loss, schools, classes, performances going “virtual”, then in person, then “virtual” again . . . masks . . . separation.
What and who can we believe and trust any more?
Should we get vaccinated or not? (We got vaccinated and boostered . . . to protect each other, friends, family members and my clients)
We had a joyful holiday spent with Robert’s family in Parker, Colorado.
And yet, through it all, I have this deep, “gut” feeling that, as a nation . . . as a world . . . as individuals we are learning some huge lessons and will come out the other side wiser, kinder, and more conscious and present to our hearts and souls.
Each time my mind jumps in, screaming: “What! Are you crazy!” someone I respect in my life, whether they know what’s going on with me or not, says: “Center and take care of yourself. Get quiet. Pay attention.
Let us learn. We’ll get through this time.” When I follow this advice I calm down, sleep better, and feel close to my (and Robert’s) family, and to my many wonderful friends.
Here’s an example of the magic I live in:
Just before Christmas I chipped in to help my California daughter, Shawna, get an Ebike for Christmas. My neighbors had two they were selling. The price was right, so we bought both of them for Shawna to share with her close friends and neighbors there.
The big challenge was: how to get them to California. These motorized bikes are large and heavy. Then my bike mechanic checked out my car and was sure we could fit them in if we take off the front wheels.
So, Shawna arranged to fly to Colorado, we’ll pack up the bikes and start a Mother/Daughter Adventure on January 23rd. Fun . . . Right? The only problem: how do I get home again?? I just turned seventy-nine years old and no one wants me to drive back across the country by myself. Dang!
Then, out of the blue, I received a call from my old friend, Ryan, wanting to wish me Happy New Year. I mentioned that I was looking for someone to drive from California to Colorado with me at the end of January. He agreed that he didn’t want me doing the drive alone. Three days later he messaged me that he had rearranged another trip and now had an airline ticket to meet me in San Diego the night before my trip back! He was prepared to drive to Colorado with me! TALK ABOUT FRIENDSHIP!
You see, when these kindnesses come to us, we have to realize that we must have done something right to deserve them! It’s true. Accept it.
So, here we are in 2022. There’s a lot of reports of yelling and screaming on the news hour. Can we watch from a wider perspective?
Otherwise, TURN IT OFF! Take a walk. Enjoy the snow. Hug a tree. Hug a spouse or friend or pet. Smile at a stranger. Visit a neighbor.
Once, when I was feeling a bit depressed, friend, Wanda, reminded me: Put your hand on your belly. Breathe in there. Feel the breath rise, expanding your chest and neck. Then, notice your shoulders DROP.
We called it: “BREATH AND RISE”.
That’s it for now. Let’s stay in touch. I’m having lots of trouble with internet up here on the mountain, and I’m not good at getting to the computer daily anyway, but phone or text works.
Sending warm thoughts and love, Kathleen

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